MY HILL!! Game

Haha, he wasn't fist pumping my face he was adoring it; so I just asked him to turn around and actually fist pump yours until you were no longer on my hill.

When did Chuck Norris become apart of the Jersey Shore?

I sneak up and plant landmines all around you. You step on one and blow up!

Wow, ill just snipe the HELL out of you

My hill lol
The former king of the hill receives a spinning heel kick to the face. He rolls down the side of the hill and into a ravine filled with lava.

This is my HILL now. It is defended by Gary Busey.
I find a horse with bigger teeth than Gary and they fight to the death. Luckily I armed the horse with copies of his older movies. He's seen how far he's fallen and commits suicide.

I ride the horse to the top of the hill

I hire Sarah Jessica Parker to kick your horses fake ***


I throw shoes and purses down the hill, SJP goes running after them in a ridiculous panic/frenzy

A fog rolls in and now we're in SILENT HILL!

Wait, I think I did that wrong. :(
It was actually my ghostly shape and not fog at all. It is not really Silent Hill. It is however....

My Hill
I call the Ghostbusters who quickly exterminate your ghost

Wait your Ghostbusters were tricked by my ghostly friend. They didn't get me at all but he made them believe you were the actual ghost and well, bye byeeeeeee

I use my powers as a shaman and conduct a powerful cleansing ritual to dispel your ghostly friends. Then I surround the hill with a powerful energy shield that protects me from any and all comers. MY HILL!
I shift a fusion bomb through hyperspace bypassing your energy shield, blowing you to kingdom come. MY HILL!
I raise an army of the undead and drag you off to pieces, and let an undead wake of vultures feed on your remains. MY HILL!
Having previously enfused my life essence into a great ring of power, my wraith buddies resurect me in all my sorcerous glory and I sweep you and your pitiful undead rabble of the hill with my enormous Orc army. MY HILL!
With my mana energised from the dissipation of my undead army, I create a gigantic fireball of light that is twice the brightness of the sun, rendering you, the wraiths and your orc army blind and screeching for the nearest sinkhole of darkness you can find. MY HILL!
I picked up a mystic ancient shield and hid my eyes,Then cut through your army.

My Hill
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I make a deal with the devil and get your power removed.

My hill.
I got saved by god and got unlimited elemental powers protected by his power and struck you down with lighting

My Hill
You and your elemental powers are consumed by my portable black hole generator.
I use a space/time wormhole to return and crush your black hole generator. Then I use its remaining parts to shove you off MY HILL.
I invoke the Great Animator to erase you and redraw me back on MY HILL!
Not realising I embody the Great Animator, upon being invoked I erase myself, then you, then redraw myself on top of MY HILL.
I get my buddy The Producer to fire you and hire me as the new Great Animator and replace you with myself on MY HILL.

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