MY HILL!! Game

I create a computer virus that fools the Great Animator into thinking he's drawing himself...only to realise that he's drawn me on top of MY HILL!
Destroys that drawing and replaces it with a picture of me on MY HILL!
Napalm the OriginalMiles drawing and reoccupy MY HILL.
I'm the mod here...It's MY HILL *rolls eyes*
A clear case of abuse of power. :cmad:

(Tries to figure out whether SHH has articles of impeachment. :woot:)
In this thread, there's only one rule, moderator or not: push 'em off and occupy the hill...*shoves Sensi and Roadkill* Now it's MY HILL!
Shifts MY HILL out from under Raelis Shae to another part of the Space/Time continuum and reoccupies MY HILL!
Uses the spell Forlorn Encystment to trap OriginalMiles miles beneath the earth and reclaims MY HILL!
Bursts out from underground through the hill, killing Roadkill, since he was on top of MY HILL!
Use the spell disintegrate to turn OriginalMiles into dust. I use a broom to sweep him off MY HILL!
Dust-me gets into Raelis' eyes... making her trip over and fall off MY HILL!
My clone uses a vacuum cleaner to sweep up OriginalMiles dust and reclaim MY HILL!
I tear up to clear my eyes and kick off Roadkill's clone off MY HILL.
Raelis Shae is consumed by my genetically altered army ants and I take back MY HILL!
My undying soul rises up and scares the pants off Roadkill. He runs and stumbles off into the night and leaves MY HILL.
Bucking up my courage, I use an exorcism rite to drive off Raelis Shae's spirit and take back MY HILL!
I rebuild myself into a dust monster (wut XD) and consume Roadkill... since he is on MY HILL!
Roadkill Mk. 3 emerges from his clone vat and air drops a gazillion gallons of water on the OriginalMiles dust monster; washing him off MY HILL!
I rise up from the dead and enchant the army ants to attack Roadkill. The ants take him to their nest where he's eaten by their brood. MY HILL!
Roadkill Mk.4 sterilizes the hill with a neutron bomb and seizes MY HILL!
The neutron bomb has completely irradiated my ghostly form, but has also filled me with dangerously high levels of radiation. I overcome Roadkill like a wall of irradiated fog and as he weakens, I throw him off of MY HILL!
After undergoing decontamination, Roadkill Mk.4 sets up giant wind turbines to blow Raelis Shae's foggy self off MY HILL!
Destroys the turbines and a fan blade slices Roadkill in half, and he slides off MY HILL!
Roadkill Mk.5 emerges from the vats and calls in an air strike of B52s which blows OriginalMiles clean off MY HILL!

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