MY HILL!! Game

Absorbs the explosion and lets out a blast of energy, sending Roadkill flying off MY HILL!
Seals OriginalMiles in a stasis field and hurls him into a wormhole and takes back MY HILL!
Reincarnated as a warrior princess, I tie up Roadkill and with my lasso of truth ask him whose hill it is. "Yours," he mumbles, and with that I boot him off MY HILL!
Get my buddy Hades to lockup the "warrior princess" in Tarturus and take back MY HILL!
I break free from Tartarus and put Roadkill in a sack, which I present as a gift to Cerberus for my escape. MY HILL!
Emerging from his vat, Roadkill Mk6 sows the teeth of the Hydra at the base of the hill and my skeletal army sweeps Raelis Shae off MY HILL!
I throw precious stones towards the skeletal army and they destroy themselves fighting for them. I then do a flying kick to remove Roadkill off MY HILL.
Roadkill Mk6 deftly dodges Raelis Shaes' flying kick and she falls screaming over a cliff and off MY HILL!
I climb the cliff and run as fast as the wind and headbutt Roadkill off MY HILL!
I arrest my fall with my handy jet pack and return the favor with a rocket assisted headbutt. MY HILL!
I sneak up behind Roadkill while wearing my invisibility cloak. I stab him and throw his corpse off MY HILL!
I pull off your cloak and wrap it around me. Gently kick you off the hill and watch you fall right behind Roadkill... Awwwww My Hill
I run around you so fast that the invisibility cloak falls off. I then wrap it around your head and push you off MY HILL.
I burrow into the hillside and dig until I'm directly underneath Rae. I then reach above ground, grab her ankles, and pull her down.

I climb out, dirty and victorious, standing proudly atop my hill.
As I climb up I push a big ball of rocks and dust. As I reach the summit the now gigantic lump hits its momentum and suddenly rolls down upon Prime, who is promptly squashed. MY HILL.
I undergo superhuman healing processes, run up the hill, tackle you from behind, and then stand on your bottom. My hill(s).
I manage to get out and get you in a sleeper hold which causes you to lose consciousness. I then roll you off MY HILL.
Roadkill Mk7 emerges from his clone vat and sends a swarm of nanobots to break Raelis Shae down into a pile of sludge which I then sweep off MY HILL!
I use my awesome samurai skills to cut Roadkill in half, because he's standing on MY HILL!
Unfortunately for OriginalMiles, my still existent nanobots reduce him to sludge. The newly emergent Roadkill Mk8 reclaims MY HILL!
I become a sludge monster and cover the area with enough disgusting slime and gunk to destroy Roadkill and his nanobots. MY HILL!
I reform my body out of the sludge, becoming human again. I use water to wash away Raelis Shae and I watch her slide off MY HILL.
I recover from my earlier ordeal, climb up the hill, and sweep-kick Miles off his feet. He smacks his head on a rock, and I reclaim my hill.
I leave a trail of irresistible cupcakes for Prime. The cakes lead him to a huge vault that once closed cannot be opened. Which leaves me on MY HILL.
Upon vat emergence, Roadkill Mk9 hijacks a Kree battle cruiser and vaporizes Raelis Shae with a plasma cannon and reclaims MY HILL!

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