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My Star Trek Fan Fiction Television Series Treatment.


Feb 16, 2003
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This is my own fanfic treatment, I’m sorry about the spelling errors, I rushed through writing this! Enjoy! All I need is a title!

There would be a new television series set at the start of the 25 century following the Federation-Romulan war that would have started after the Shinzon incident. Riker and the Titan, along with other starships, were on there way to Romulus and got attacked by the sneaky Romulans, ala Pearl Harbor, and War broke out. The Federation wins the war, but at the possible cost of there own soul and ideals, as the darkness and brutality of Humanities past surfaces in the face of tragedy as the Federation comes back from it's losses and basically tears Romulus and the Romulan Empire into shreds, as the majority of the Romulan fleet and space stations are destroyed, colonies conquered, and the secretive Section 31 designing a controlled Genesis Torpedo that destroys 1/5 of Romulus itself, although the Romulans were set to surrender before hand. Appalled and frightened that 300 years later some of there worst fears about Humanity came true, the Vulcans are torn between bringing humanity back from the possible brink and also helping there fallen cousins back to there feet. Of course, they try to do both.

Even the warrior Klingons have been taken aback by the brutality of Humanity and the Federation in general, as the Vulcans were the only ones to speak out against the war strategy toward the Romulans. It seems that the Federation as a whole has grown tired of being pushed around and attacked by the likes of the Romulans, the Borg, and the Dominion, and switched it's mind set to the defensive more so instead of exploration, although many don't want to lose the ideals and hope of the Federation.

Basically, the Federation, and more importantly Humanity, is at a crossroads. It was coming at the end of DS9 and Insurrection, this series would be set at that crossroad. Where does humanity and it's allies go from here. Will races like the Andorians pull out of the Federation the re-emerging darkness of Humanity is not stopped, or will Earth be thrown out of the Federation itself, leading to complete union between Earth and the Klingon Empire, who are almost turned on by the destruction of the Romulan Empire at the hands of Humanity, to bring protection for the Quadrant? Is the true Terran Empire upon is? Or will Humanity find it's way back, after already finding the way of good and then losing i?

What of the Romulans post-war? Can they rebuild themselves as a people after catastrophic losses, the stripping of all ships, stations, and colonies? Will they find peace in there hearts and in themselves, and finally be one with Vulcan? Can they forgive the Federation enough to possibly join it.

And what of the final chapter with Borg? An all out war between not just the Borg and the Federation, but the Borg and the Alpha Quadrant is unavoidable, as we as Trek fans know. At some point, they collide. What if the Borg were to go at another species, such as the Klingons or Cardassians first, to gain a foothold in the Quadrant but detailed information on the rest of the Quadrant, namely the Federation?

And the Cardassians. What have they been up to? The Cardassians have resumed the peaceful lives of there ancestors, engaging in many spiritual customs and art collecting, while mainly keeping to themselves and out of the affairs of the Quadrant. In one of the friendlier things done by the Federation lately, they supply Cardassia with many of the natural resources that there planet lacks, as in accordince with the Dominion War treaty, and the Cardassians keep a relatively small military, big enough to defend Cardassia and her colonies. The Cardassians also have a fleet of scientific vessels for exploration, although they have basic defense systems, again in accordince with the Dominion War treaty. But there might be some in the Cardassian government who wish for a return to militaristic lifestyle and presence. What kind of agreements, deals, and sacrifices will they be willing to make in order for that to happen? Also, I'd bring back Garak, one of my favorite characters, albeit older, as one of the leaders of the new, good Cardassia. Possibly a liason to the Federation.

Bajor has become on of the most respected members of the Federation while at the same time keeping there culture and ideals in tact. In many ways they have taken humanities place as the vision of hope and peace in the Federation, although approving of the tactics employed against the Romulan Empire for the greater good, and with there militia absorbed into the StarFleet Marine Corps, took part in some of the fiercest battles and most important victories for the Federation in the war against the Romulan Empire. I would dedicate atleast an episode or two for the Prophets, possibly with the Prophets being angry and sad at the actions of humanity after seeing how good of man Benjamin Sisko is. Hell, if Brooks would do it he could return as Sisko since his a non-coporeal being.

The Dominion. Honestly I don't know what to do with the Dominion. I have some idea's, but they work better with the Borg. I thought about having them staying on there side of the wormhole until they come into conflict with a Borg presence in the Gamma Quadrant and turning to the Federation, or should I say Section 31, for help, and in exchange for help they give Section 31 breeding devices for Jem'Hadar soldiers to use on undercover missions in the war against Romulus and for protecting the Federation. The founders fear Section 31, and while not wanting to lose ground to the Borg, wish to help themselves and keep Section 31 happy, as there is always an eye out on them from the Federation. And, with the Borg now is the Gamma Quadrant, they have a jumping point into Federation/Bajoran space through the wormhole, another reason why the Federation has to help the Founders. And, who hasn't wanted to the Borg and Jem'Hadar go at it.

Also, have any of the species from the Delta Quadrant reached the Alpha Quadrant in the 21 years since Nemesis? The Kazon....hell no. Talaxians, I'd think about it, but very annoying race. I would for sure have an episode with the Vidians in it, looking to harvest the Alpha Quadrant. They sure dropped the ball on new species, huh? Maybe Species 8472 could have an episode. From the show Enterprise, I'd give us an update on the Suliban and Xindi. I would also like to return to Talos IV.

Every Trek show has always has there own original antagonist as well. The TOS had the Klingons, TNG had the Borg, DS9 had the Dominion, Enterprise had the Suliban and Xindi, and Voyager had, well, the Kazon. Of course, my show would as well. And sticking with the theme of humanity that is present, my new villain would be a very familiar face. The Terran Empire. No, not the mirror universe version. After the disastrous World War 3, the Dictator Nathaniel Carlyle of the Eastern Coalition, who had dubbed himself the new Fuehrer, and a personal friend of Khan Noonien Singh, went into hiding along with hundreds of followers, only to never be found, paving the way for years of unrest and distrust until Zefram Cochrane’s warp drive experiment led to First Contact. Carlyle and his followers were never found, until now. Unknown to the people of Earth, Carlyle and his scientists were developing a space craft long before Cochrane, and although Warp Drive was not the focus, it could achieve “impulse power”, and be used as a vehicle for space assaults on his enemies. As his inevitable defeat grew near, Carlyle ordered a bigger ship to be built for he and his followers, one that could sustain hundreds of passenger, quarters, food, and supplies. Almost like a medieval cargo carrier. Carlyle would rather take his chances in space than be persecuted on Earth, and his following soldiers, scientists, and all around fanatics were crazy enough to follow him into the unknown. Undetected due to battered satellite communications, Carlyle’s ship left Earth, never to be seen or heard from again. What had happened, was that Carlyle’s ship fell through a temporary wormhole and ended up on the other side of the galaxy, toward the actual convergence between the Alpha Quadrant and the Delta Quadrant, an area skipped never explored by Janeway, or anyone from the Alpha Quadrant. Rescued by a kind, technologically advanced race named the Kilorians, Carlyle and his people fabricated lie after lie and took advantage of the kindness of the Kilorians, earning there trust and even being granted a colony on a neighboring planet. Waiting for the time to strike years later, Carlyle seized the moment and raided stationed Kilorian ships, and then in turn using them to capture further, unsuspecting Kilorian vessels and eventually conquering the home world of this peaceful race. Converting there technology to his militaristic needs, Carlyle committed mass genocide of the Kilorians and moved his colony to the Kiloria and dubbed it the new Earth. Basically, a culture of everything bad that humanity represents had been born, a Dictator led, Nazi like group of humans on the other side of the Galaxy with raided technology. Conquering and enslaving neighboring species and planets, Carlyle’s Terran Empire has never expanded to the level of the Dominion or Borg, but have kept there territory under fierce order and on basic lockdown. The Terran Empire has had engagements with the Borg, further explaining the Borg’s near obsession with humanity. They have also had engagements with many Delta Quadrant species traveling through there space, further explaining a lot of the hostile reactions Voyager encountered. There ships are generally larger, but clunker, than a Federation starships, and also have a silver metallic plating. With two shield generators and a rotating disruptor frequency, along with 50 torpedo banks per ship, they are a very dangerous foe. They also always travel in packs, with at least two ships side by side during the course of there deployment. For the most part, they kill, and don’t capture, unless species are needed for experimentation. They have decided that, with there newfound trans warp capabilities, it is, finally, after centuries of waiting, time to pay the original Earth a visit, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. What will the Humanity, and the Federation for that matter, do when they look in the mirror at what they might become if they continue on the path there on? Will Humanity and the Federation summon the good within and ward of this challenge, to fight off a group that humanity had assumed defeated and gone, fitting in again with the fact that humanity has already overcame darkness once, can they do it again? Or will darker impulses tempt some in the Federation to offer the hand of friendship to the Terran Empire? How will the rest of the Alpha Quadrant respond to this new force. And, if they same darkness lies in the heart of the Federation that is the Terran Empire, then somewhere, after centuries of breeding and evolving, does the same capacity for good exist the people of the Terran Empire? Also, this is kind of a play on the Vulcans and Romulans, with the Terran Empire being an off shoot of Earth.

By the way, Section 31 would figure heavily into my trek tv show, if you haven't noticed.

The ship of the show would NOT be the Enterprise. The Enterprise of this era would be off doing what it does best, deep space exploration. Voyager B? Ummm, no. Excelsior? Nah! The ship on my show would be the U.S.S. Tiberious, named after James Tiberious Kirk. The mission for the Tiberious is to patrol different regions of the war torn Alpha Quadrant, bring relief to civilizations that need it, and settle diplomatic disputes. A full Ambassador would be on the ship full time as a regular character for these reasons. Never had that, so it would be new. The Tiberious itself is a Promethus-Class starship equipped with a cloaking device, which is still irregular for Federation ships, and has Borg inhanced defense systems such as Torpedoes, Phasers, and Shield adaptors(more later)! The ship also carries dozens of Runabouts incase of emergency. Also, the uniforms of Star Trek 2-6 have been re-issued!

I would really want to explore the themes of good and evil, right and wrong, the black and white area's of life while questioning if it is all one big grey area, and if things will always be that way. Again, humanity would be at a crossroads, can it rise up, once again, from darkness and fulfill there potential for good, or will they lose there friends and allies in the Federation.? Will Vulcan and Romulus join one another, and can the Vulcans finally help Romulus find peace in itself. Will races like Bajorans and possibly Romulans become beacons of hope for others?I'm really striving to shake things up here, but keep canon and in actuality, you know you can see all this happening. In many ways, what you might consider old would be new again.

The show would be VERY, VERY, VERY character driven in the backdrop of the mess that is the Alpha Quadrant. Thats where Voyager and Enterprise failed. They sucked at character driven storylines and character episodes. And until season four, Enterprise sucked at over-arching stories and even then, they were contained. Over-arching storylines and supporting characters would be a given in my trek show.

Here is the second half of my post:

All I need is a title!

This is all copyright. Don’t steal!

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