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Jun 17, 2002
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Anybody who doesn't watch this show sucks:mad:

That is all:)
I've watched the first episode (Japanese version, not sure if there's a dubbed one, probably wouldn't even bother with it anyway) and am now downloading the second one.

If that first episode is any indication, there's two aspects of this show: action/drama and comedy. When tries the action/drama part, it's pretty good. When it tries to be funny, it sucks.
I actually downloaded the first 3 episodes, but then found out they were subbed, and I just couldn't be bothered with that and deleted them. :o

*Carries on Sucking*
Naruto rules. The show hasn't kicked into over drive yet.

Dark carnage you suck btw:o

Download episode 50 and change your mind
1: I already gathered I suck. :mad::o

2: What's the point in watching episode 50 before 1?
1) You suck

2)See what you're missing by not watching this show since you can't get your DBZ fix anymore
Get 49 as well since thats the start of the fight and you won't understand what Lee is doing (i.e why his power has gone through the roof)
Originally posted by Dark Carnage
Ok, I'm doing it.

You won't regret it look at how cool Rock lee is dammit:mad:

What the big deal about subs anyway. Its like reading an animated moving comic:mad:
You know, this show is actually kinda... Meh... to me.:eek::o

I don't know why, but it just doesn't grab me. I could go without ever seeing another ep and not be bothered about it.:o

I just told an old school friend that it didn't really do anything for me and he told me not to speak to him anymore. :(
hahah your friend has taste:mad:

Come on you can't tell me lee wasn't complete badass??

The super speed, the lotus move, he's like bruce lee on speed COME ON MAN!!!!:mad:

He opened FIVE of the eight life gates and he's only genin level !!!

He was fighting after the muscles in his arms had ripped god dammit
I noticed all that.

But I just didn't care about Lee winning to be honest.

His speed was impessive after he took the wieghts off (And what the hell were those things made of?
) but I think because the opponent was just one of those "I'll stand here and be invulnerable" types the fight just wasn't brutal enough for my liking. :o
Gaara is one sick !!!!, it must be said. If you see what he really is :eek:

How could you not want Lee to win? His determination should be admired. He has no natural talent what so ever but works harder than anyone else to achieve his goal to become a ninja. You didn't feel for him at all? cold blooded MONSTER!!:mad:

I think its because you never really saw the build up and character development of both Lee and gaara in the previous eps. By then you should really want gaara to lose and Lee to win.

Lee is a side character anyway, he only turned up in that season.

You should watch NARUTO vs NEIJ

Neij uses a SIXTY FOUR hit combo on him:D

In fact just watch it from the damn beginning at least 10 eps. If you don't like it then, there is no hope:(
Originally posted by guyverjay
You didn't feel for him at all? cold blooded MONSTER!!:mad:

Yeah ok, I'll watch the first 10. I'll report back after that.
Yes, Lee Rocks!!!


He's one of my favorite characters in the show. But my #1 favorite still remains Momochi Zabuza.

I'm on episode 3. Got a little catching up to do...

Just finished episode 50. ROCK LEE IS THE MAN!!! Poor guy. :(

When I grow up I want to be Rock Lee!

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