NBC Orders Alice In Wonderland sequel

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Jun 30, 2005
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Things might be going mad next fall at NBC. Mad as a hatter, that is.

The network has ordered a pilot for an Alice in Wonderland sequel series from CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Matt Weinberg, JoAnn Alfano and Margaret Riley.

The project, titled simply Wonderland, will use Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel as a point of origin, but will be built around a new character named Clara.

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Not to worry though, Zuiker & Co. haven’t forgotten about your old friend Alice. Turns out she will have assumed the role of Wonderland’s evil queen, and thus will be the woman Clara wages war against. Clara, for her part, is described as a gal whose life took “an unexplained turn for the worse,” and thanks to a message from “a mysterious stranger,” looks for answers in the kingdom of Wonderland.

Sorry but not here for making Alice the big bad.
Sounds considerably better than what The CW had planned (and thankfully hasn't been given a pilot order).

I'd give it a look.
Sounds like NBC wants their own "Once upon A time"
Can't really blame them if they do. It's such an all-ages hit for ABC, I could see why NBC would take notice. Plus the mild success that Grimm has been on what should be a death-slot night, I could see why they might want to expand on that.

I'm just waiting for ABC to get the idea. I want OUAT spinoffs. :o
NBC should just order a fables adaption if they want a OUAT show.

But if this gets picked up I will give a try of course.
I don't want a Fables adaptation while Once is still on the air. Both at the same time would just be too much. Once OUAT's time ends, they can go wild. Preferrably on basic cable.
I'll be curious to see who they snag to direct the pilot. Hopefully someone who has done amazing visuals in the past.
NBC’s Drama Pilot ‘Wonderland’ To Shoot Off-Cycle

I’ve learned that NBC has pushed Wonderland, its drama pilot set in the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland that is executive produced by CSI creator Anthony Zuiker. The project, written by feature scribe Whit Anderson, will not be produced within the regular pilot season because of the scale and complexity of the production, including special effects. I hear the pilot probably will start filming before the end of pilot season but will likely not be delivered before summer. Wonderland was a late pickup — it was greenlighted on Jan. 29 — and had to undergo a studio switch after ABC Studios pulled out and Universal TV took over. (The pilot’s high price tag was among ABC Studios’ reasons to bail as it is producing another expensive fairytale drama series with elaborate shoots and special effects, ABC’s Once Upon A Time.) Speaking of Once Upon A Time, it too was a late order — it was picked up to pilot on Feb. 1, 2011 and was ready for the upfronts, landing a slot of ABC’s fall schedule.

Wonderland is set in modern times and centers on Alice and a new character, Clara. Seven years ago, Clara’s life took an unexplained turn for the worse, and a mysterious stranger tells her there may be an explanation after all… an explanation that lies in the fantastical world of Wonderland. To revive her dreams and get her life back on track, Clara must wage war against Wonderland’s reigning Queen, the woman we once knew as Alice.

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