Neat animal quiz thing

Damn, this is neat too. On that site they have a romantic compatibility thing based on names.

Megan & Peter
Vibration No 8:
In this relationship, both partners call the floor and have too marked and structured a personality. You are both very demanding of the relationship. You may even wish to have everything already established, and this might generate conflicts or minor quarrels. After one of these, it can be the case that neither of you takes initiative for a reconciliation, for you tend to be too rancorous.
At the level of the deepest feelings, both of you need to be intimately understood, for you can easily feel the other’s rejection and become too susceptible. At critical times, for instance if one partner is undergoing health or financial problems, you will both react helpfully, and will be sympathetic enough to stand by the other. For this reason, you must be careful that neither assumes the role of “the victim” in the relationship, in order to be helped or taken care of constantly by the other.
You need to learn to renew yourselves permanently, without falling into stereotypes.

And they do tarot card readings and this is the first card I got:
2 of Cups
in the Cover position.

Indicates the querent in relationship to the present situation.

A great love or friendship is now possible. This card can also indicate an engagement, marriage, or birth announcement. There is the necessity of a commitment of some kind.

Neat considering I'll be married in a month. :o
Your Q Score is: 11
The Q score ideally should be as small as possible, indicating maximum agreement among elements. However, even a tiny Q score may not mean optimal functioning, since all four elements may in fact be relatively undeveloped.

Your Primary Mythical Creature

Air Types
The main strength of the Air types is intellect. The second element indicates the most probable focus for this intellectual activity.
Air with Water

Astrologically associated with Gemini and the Third House

Unicorn types are very concerned with the communication of ideas. They are witty and likeable but can also be quite shy. They are easily bored and easily distracted, and may seem unpredictable and superficial for this reason. Actually they are very deep and are usually trying to find the connections between the people and things around them. They are highly imaginative but not very practical. They love knowledge for its own sake and are not concerned about putting it to use. They are socially astute and sensitive to others’ feelings, but may still appear somewhat aloof. They are drawn to grand schemes for unifying people but these often don’t extend beyond the initial idea. Very logical and rational, Unicorn types are also unconventional and even bizarre. Other people may regard them as fey or just strange.


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