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New to this show, got some questions.


Aug 11, 2009
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Hey guys. I'm new to this forum and to the Spectacular Spider-Man TV series. I have a couple of questions:

1. Is the second series over? If it is, when will a DVD with all the episodes be released? I'm going to get the first season DVD.

2. There is going to be a third season right? When will it start and what channel will it be on?

Thanks for any answers guys. :grin:
1.) Yes and no. The second season is over in countries like Canada...but its currently on hiatus in America. They have only aired half of the season over here. But I most certainly imagine they will definitly have season 2 on DVD......but it probably won't come out until season 2 is over in America :(

2.) We hope there is going to be a third season because as of now there is no confirmation on one. That has become the biggest topics about this show.
Indeed. The second half of Season 2 will be airing in the U.S. on Disney XD in October I believe. I would expect at least the first 4 episode disc of Season 2 around Christmas, though. It just makes marketing sense.

Season 3 has yet to be approved. Greg Wiesman and company were still almost begging people to buy the Season One set at SDCC.
Well, I'll be one of those people who buys the Season 1 set. The thing is, I want to be caught up to the whole series by the time the third season starts (if it starts).
I'd buy the season one DVDs if they'd bloody release them here in Ireland. Still haven't seen them in the shops!!!!

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