My Wishlist for the 48 Half and Half Spidey Wave

rumored spider-man waves of next year... the total figs in all the waves will include 48 figures... half being spidey and half being villains/allies i believe...

Half being Spidey and Allies half being Villains.

Also, I don't believe that we will get crazy Spidey variations, like Neon Jobot Scuba Sea Horse Breeding Spidey, I think Hasbro is good about that, even with the way they went with the SM3 line they never went that route....I think that they might go kid freindly with a five inch line for the Toon and get a little goofy with that.....but I think this line will be a lot of re releases and repaints, but for the most part it won't be a complete slap in the face to us collectors.
small mods and a paint job. i would probly go for the paint job only and see how that looked, it might look alright.

sorry dude... but no... lol that vulture would never look right with those colors.. and u cant make that vulture look like armor.. maybe take an armored figure, some talon'd gloves, and archangels wings... but thats as close as you'd get

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