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New X Men


Apr 3, 2006
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Ok I saw the first post-house of M New X Men trade and am thinking about picking it up.

I like X-23's character, and it's at a very good price point as far as trades here go....but I am still a little hesitant.

Can someone give me a run down on the other team members? And villains? Are they actually interesting characters or more generic mutant types that won't be around in a few months? Is this first arc worth reading?

I am a little worried it will be little more than a show case for X-23 and nothing else....don't get me wrong, I love the character, but I am hoping it will be more team based, ie with other characters given time to shine.

So is it worth the risk?
It's not all about her. They've actually been very reserved with her useage. Th' HoM was pretty good, but really yer gonna wanna read all th' regular titles. It's a good book. Marvel's excellin' at young heroes these days.
if you like X-23, you should look into Marvel Team-Up, she was in two of the arcs
Love MTU, just waiting for the next tpb :(
Here's who's in th' books (of course, after HoM this list has changed somewhat, but don't wanna ruin the suprise fer ya):

New Mutants squad
The New Mutants squad's tutor is Dani Moonstar. It is co-led by Wind Dancer and Prodigy.

Wind Dancer, a.k.a. Sofia Mantega. A girl from Venezuela who controls winds.
Prodigy, a.k.a. David Alleyne, could absorb any non-superhuman talents from nearby people. currently powerless
Icarus, a.k.a. Jay Guthrie, can fly, sing mesmerizingly and heal himself rapidly
Wallflower, a.k.a. Laurie Collins, exudes pheromones which alter the feelings of other people.
Elixir, a.k.a. Josh Foley, is a healer who ironically was a rabid mutant-hater before he found out he was one himself.
Surge, a.k.a. Noriko Ashida, is a Japanese girl who has electric and speed powers.
Hellions squad
The Hellions squad's tutor is Emma Frost. It is led by Hellion.

Hellion, a.k.a. Julian Keller, is telekinetic.
Dust, a.k.a. Sooraya Qadir, is a shy girl from Afghanistan who can turn herself into a living whirlwind of dust. She regularly dresses in a burka.
Mercury, a.k.a. Cessily Kincaid, can turn herself into a mercurial substance which bears a certain resemblance to "T-1000" from the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Rockslide, a.k.a. Santo Vaccaro, consists of solid rock and can shoot his appendages at targets.
Tag, a.k.a. Brian Cruz, could "tag" a person so that bystanders are compelled to run away from the person. deceased
Wither, a.k.a. Kevin Ford, can destroy organic matter on touch. He accidentally killed his father when his powers manifested.
Other squads
There are also other teams advised by different X-Men.

Alpha Squadron, tutored by Karma (formerly by Northstar). Consists of:
Anole (leader), Rubbermaid, Indra, Kidogo, Loa, and Network.

The Corsairs advised by Cyclops consists of:
Stepford Cuckoos (co-leaders), Specter, Dryad and Quill.

The Paragons, tutored by Magma (formerly tutored by Wolfsbane), consists of :
Match (leader), Trance, Wolf Cub, Pixie, D.J., and Preview.

Gambit's squad, introduced in X-Men, consists of:
Bling, Flubber, Onyxx, and Rain Boy

A squad led by Rogue was shown in Uncanny X-Men, Lepperchaun (leader), Puck, Goblin, Elve, Imp and Sylph
Storm's squad that was mentioned in New X-Men has one survivor, the student called Nezhno.
The Excelsiors, Iceman's squad, and the Exemplars, whose mentor is Beast, have only been mentioned, never having appeared.

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