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Next Childhood Franchise to Get Live Action Big Screen Treatment


C'mon Son
Oct 29, 2008
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What is a franchise that you liked as a kid/teen/whatever do you want to see on the big screen in live action? Recently we've gotten Transformers, The A-Team, GI Joe, Dragonball (ugh), we have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Down filming and Captain Planet in development.

Personally, I think Power Rangers would be badass with the right team behind it. Really good fight scenes and some giant robot action

Zoids: New Century Zero would make a cool giant robot sports movie (at least for the first film)

And even though I didnt watch it as a kid Voltron could be cool.

What franchise do you want to see? How do you want it done? Who would you cast?
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I loved the **** out of Zoids.
For me it was
1) Liger Zero
2) Liger Zero Panzer
3) Lightning Saix
I don't remember lighting saix, which animal was that suppose to be?

who owns the rights to Zoids? Cartoon Network/WB?
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Idk, whoever they are I wish they would give zoids a proper release on DVD. It's in volumes on amazon, and each volume is like $90 lol
Power Rangers. Just cross the concept of Green Lantern (ancient technology/relics giving ordinary people extraordinary powers and awesome protective suits) with The Avengers (different people coming together to face a common threat), throw in some martial arts, giant robots and monsters, and you've got yourself an awesome film.
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Power Rangers had a movie. I remember vaguely seeing parts of it.

Cowboy Bebop is one I'd love to see as a movie but I'm afraid of what we'd get seeing how they mangled Dragonball beyond recognition.
Power Rangers had a movie. I remember vaguely seeing parts of it.

I think everyone means a slightly more serious and awesome take on the franchise.

Cowboy Bebop is one I'd love to see as a movie but I'm afraid of what we'd get seeing how they mangled Dragonball beyond recognition.

Dragonball was bad because the people working on that didn't take the material seriously, and because it's pretty much nearly impossible to do translate properly into live-action.

Cowboy Bebop is one of those properties that would be very easy to adapt into live-action, because it's much more grounded and has a very simple yet intriguing premise (bounty hunters on a spaceship living day-to-day on the bounties they cash in for money, occasionally finding themselves in very interesting situations). If they got a really talented writer and director who truly respected the material, it could be a really awesome film.
Swat Katz. Man what an awesome show that was.
I think Dragonball Z is going to be attempted again some day and they're actually going to give a damn about making it half decent. As technology becomes more advanced and cg more affordable, it seems like a reasonable venture for any film studio to take on.

In terms of which film would make the best franchise in terms of QUALITY, that would easily be Cowboy Bebop...but anyone who watch that show would tell you it wasn't a kids show
Mighty Max
Pirates of Dark Water

May be potential in Visionaries or King Arthur and the Knights of Justice..

Power Rangers definitely though..

I did debate posting this again as I've just posted it in the pitch a movie thread and have posted it a couple times before but what the hell... this is my idea for a more "POTC/Transformers" in tone reboot

- Zordon is a humanoid alien and not a giant head.
- Zordon and Zedd are of the same race, perhaps even brothers. They created the power rangers to act as guardians on their factioned/warring planet.
- There were 6 power coins in total and each symbolises a kind of energy/trait - Red - leadership/strength, Black - determination, Blue - intelligence, Pink - kindness, Yellow - loyalty and Green - jealousy/rage. The green coin, more powerful than others was only to be used in times of great need.
- The coins were created via channelling planetary energy into the coins. A mishap with the green coin is what led to it being a more powerful coin than the others.
- The coins power/energy would work by wrapping the user in a protective armour and provide them with a sort of heightened strength and reflexes (no powers) and also allow the user to control the respective zords.
- The coins only work with those who have certain 'genetic markers' and were handed out to those who were worthy to act as guardians. Zordon was entrusted as the Red Ranger.
- Zedd doesn't have this marker but unbeknown to Zordon, Zedd is plotting to take over and rule their planet. Inspired by the accident with the green coin, he secretly creates a 7th coin and maxes the potential energy resulting in the planets core/energy becoming unstable.
- Goldar is one of the original guardians but is loyal to Zedd. He uses the 7th coin which, due to its mass of power, makes him grow to a gigantic size. In the resulting battle, the planets core starts to tear apart.
- Zordon is entrusted with the 6 remaining power coins and flees his dying planet, and the attacking army of Lord Zedd, in his ship, 'The Alpha-5' which also serves as a command station and houses the Zords.
- Zedd has no powers like in the show, Rita is his queen who is always on the look out for a chance to backstab him and take over his army and Goldar is his loyal general.

- Zordon crash lands on earth and dying, he is confined to a life support chamber in his ship. Fearing Zedd will try to take over Earth, he gives the power coins to 5 teens who are near to or investigating the crash site. From this chamber he would interact and guide the teens, similar to the series but without being a giant head in a jar.
- The team would involve either the 1st or 2nd group of characters but miss out Tommy until the 2nd film.
- The group, from the local high school, are familiar with each other but aren't friends as they all belong to different social groups. Jason - athlete/Jock, Zack - party guy, Billy - science nerd, Kimberly - cheerleader, Trina - musician.
- So the movie would be about them shedding their perceptions of each other (for example, while Zack is a party guy, underneath he wants to buckle down and make something of himself) and learning to come together as a team just as much as the action.
- The zords would be based on the dino zords from the first series. The zords, as part of the power of the coin, have the power to 'morph' into what each new user desires (so the zords whilst in use on Zordons planet would look like the Shogun Zords). Dinozords are chosen, when Billy is the first to touch the coins and, being a science buff, they pick up on his hobby/fascination with dinosaurs.
- While the zords would resemble the Dinozords they would have a more alien looking influence (similar to how Oozes Metamophocons were alien looking bugs in the first movie).
- The rangers, on a training mission, end up using the zords to help out when an earthquake causes the suspension bridge to start breaking up, where they gain media coverage and thus gain the moniker, 'Power Rangers'.
- Zedd, following Zordon to earth would send out his putty men to try and track down the teens and the power coins
- The putty men who would act as minor villains are Zedds army, a group of his people that he turned into zombie-like beings to do his bidding. The putty men would not be as 'dumb' as in the series and while not a major threat, would be somewhat harder to beat. Once defeated the putty men would become 'dead' thus, giving Zedd the need to replenish his ranks whenever possible.
- The final showdown would be between the giant Goldar (who is bigger than the zords seperately but equal to the Megazord) and the Megazord.

The sequel would see Zedd finding the green power coin (lost in the crash of the Alpha-5 in the first film) which is the coin for the Dragon Zord, the biggest and most powerful Dinozord. Zedd would recruit an introduced Tommy and corrupt him with the power of the Green Coin. The 2nd film would basically be the whole Green Ranger saga leading to the 3rd film where he becomes the White Ranger.
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I think there is considerable potential with Power Rangers. I will also add Gundam, Outlaw Star, and Swatcats.
Who's gonna mess with this Power Ranger?


How about these guys? They were so grungy and cool, and they had a pretty cool backstory (I remember it as such, but not the details). I can't believe they've faded away for the most part, they were huge when I was little.
Who's gonna mess with this Power Ranger?


He's out doing all of the cons because he's back for super megaforce. He has said how much he'd love to do a bit more serious Power Rangers movie. He absolutely loves that he was a Ranger
Voltron and He-Man.

a serious Power Rangers reboot would also be nice.

btw....I like your Power Rangers ideas, Vapor.
I went for Voltron. Just as my personal preference.
Although I did do this for Halloween.

I voted for Thundarr The Barbarian (gee, what a shock). Although I would also like to go on record as saying a live action adaptation of the 2003 reboot of He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe would also be totally awesome.

And we might not be that far from both of these franchises hitting the big screen. He-Man has been in Developement Hell for years, but Matel has actually gotten behind having a He-Man movie made. Unfortunately they can't seem to find a script they like, and every director who signs on to the project ends up wanting to take too many liberties with the source material.

As for Thundarr? I've actually written a screenplay for this myself. It's available to be read on www.fanfiction.net, as well as The Wonderful World Of Make Believe (WWOMB), for those of you interested in giving it a read. And I am in the process of trying to gain investors so that I can get the movie produced. I've already got a couple of local production companies interested in taking on the project once I have the finances and legalities sorted out.

Which one will be made first? We're gonna have to wait and see.

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