Nightcrawler's Absence (as explained in the game)


Sep 15, 2003
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I finished playing the game a while ago, and i was really dissapointed with the explaination that they gave for Nightcrawler's absence from the movie.
This was the main reason i played the game, and they really let me down. The explaination basically was that he is too much of a peaceful person to continue his life as an x-man. What is that all about? WEAK
anybody else have an opinion on this, or maybe I am misunderstanding whats going on.
I was kinda hoping for a really killer video game, and the story would just be an amazing experience where we knew how nightcrawler felt, and there would be a real reason for his leaving, i feel like it was a very weak cop out.
I did enjoy the game, I'm just a little disappointed in the Nightcrawler story.
uh huh, tis a shame he couldn't join them full time.

I'd love to have seen him make a cameo just to know he's still involved.

Or for that boston public guy to read mystique some information about her including who her son is, and then the audience would go "WTF kurt wagner? wait a minute..." That would have been nice.

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