I thought it was ok at the start of the series.
If they could implement it properly, then sure, why not. But only if it doesn't look cheesy. Flying wouldnt be right for a DB movie.
If not nimbus they could give us something else to test goku's pure heartedness... maybe a cave in dagobah
It would be better seeing Goku fly I really don't think its going to jeopardize the film.
Meh. Flying isn't Dragonball. If they want to use it in the sequel, fine. Roshi or Grandpa Gohan never flew anyway, so how would he learn till later on?
kami, and popo could teach him...maybe
I doubt there will be any kami or popo, this is a movie adaptation not an anime.
I could see the Nimbus saving Goku at random.
I think Goku should get the Nimbus when he trains with Master Roshi and the Nimbus could save him during his fight with Piccolo
I don't need the Nimbus. Never was a huge fan anyway.
probably not if there going with a serious tone with this.

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