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mystic gohan

May 18, 2005
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im suprised this isn't up yet i bought the boxset the other day im upto the fourth disc already i cant put them away i think its awesome
For those who have never heard of Noein its basically this a violent battle takes place in the near future between 2 dimensions la'cryma(protector of humanity) and the dimnesion shangri-la, bent on the annihilation of all space-time. a group known as the dragon cavalry is dspatched through space and time,searching for the only thing that can stop the invasion :the Dragons Torque.
if anyone has seen this
does anyone think karasu goes just a tad harsh on yuu i mean come on the kid its like12 karasu is like 27 sure karasu can stand up and be a man and protect haruka but yuu cant do much?

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