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The Dark Knight Rises Nolan succeeded in making a sympathetic villain.

This post doesn't make sense because Blake wasn't sympathetic. You're right about everything else, though.

Yes he is.

He really cared about Batman having something bigger under his belt.
Sometimes I really think that this movie would've been much better without Talia. Bane should've just escaped with his own power from hell and beat Batman as a symbol to ground. Hell he could've been just a terrorist reaping everything in his path.

This is essentially what pissed me off most about Nolan's Bane and Talia. They took arguably one of the best aspects about Bane which was his amazing backstory and gave it to Talia and only leave us assuming that Bane was born in the prison.:doh: I still wish that Talia had just been left out of this movie entirely. Would have made for a much better film.

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