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Official 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

i think this cartoon is going to be awsome, i can't wait to see it
I was pretty leery on the idea of the new cartoon, but I decided to give it a chance after hearing Sean Astin was voicing my favorite turtle. Now after seeing the previews, I'm excited to see if this shows follows in the footsteps of my favorite cgi cartoon, Beast Wars, and my favorite Nicktoons, the Avatar shows.
I actually really like everything I'm seeing with this series except the turtles designs. Too blocky, but Splinter looks rad and every other aspect is quite nice!
This is the first incarnation of Splinter I've seen where I don't doubt he could kick the **** out of you.
The only design I don't like is Shredder but Im waiting to see how its portrayed.
I'm really happy to see the Turtles back in action with a new show and action figures, the're AMAZING.
I really want the playset but its to expensive.
Only one place in this entire country will be getting the figures in :/
Only one place in this entire country will be getting the figures in :/

Be sure to get them. I have the 4 Turtles, Shredder and a Foot Ninja. The Turtle figures are GREAT but the villains not so much. Shredder doesn't have knee articulation and neither does the ninja.

i always thought the turtles had 2 big toes. This looks like they have 3 in this picture. Kind of weirds me out...

I've been having fun with the action figures and took some pictures of them. I think this is the best one yet.
What do you think?
You are lucky to have them. No toy or comic book shops are selling them here, expect for one. I have to wait a while for them to come in.
Anyone here knows where I can watch this outside of the US? any sites streaming it or something?
Caught the preview earlier tonight. Very well done as far as being faithful, and had some comedy that was similar to the 80s cartoon also. I like how they made Leo out to be more of a guy that wants to be leader but doesn't quite have their respect yet because he's taking all his leadership cues from stuff he reads or sees on tv.
The premier today was awesome. Easily going to be another great Turtle show which could lead to another era of Turtlemania. I think there will be a lot of people eating crow now that the show is actually out.
I'm still not in love with it, but it was better than I expected.

What I liked ;

-The Voice acting
-The Writing
-The turtles themselves and their chemistry with each other
- The fact that there will be more mutants on this show.

What I didn't Like ;

- CG Toonz. 2D will always be my favorite
- April as a kid. What 's the purpose for that change ?
- The Kraang not having any type of personality
- Shredder looking like a bald headed Darth Vader without his helmet

To me this is the " Fast Forward ", " Back to the Sewers ", turtles for me. It won't have me fan struck with turtle power like the 87 and 2003 toon, but I'll watch it anyway only because it's Ninja turtles.
The start is pretty meh
Origin is sillier than the 80s cartoon when it comes to transformation, at least in the old show Hamato was holding rats in his hands most of his time, not just one rat touching his shoe
Pros : New Ninja Turtle action figures

Cons : Krang listed as a race of aliens called " The Krang "
Comic version of the character, original version


As someone who's watched some of Nickelodeon's recent cartoon series, try to keep your expectations low.

And when I mean low, I mean, rock bottom. Nickelodeon's involvement with this show is NOT a good sign.


You be careful what you say next, sir.
Might be a rare exception
I am currently watching the series premiere with my little brother and we are both big fans of the show so far. Like that they feel more like teenagers and the relationship they have with each other. Can't wait for things like the inclusion of Casey Jones. The CG was a little off putting at first but I quickly got used to it. It seems like something we can watch together.
Really I have to give it an A. I thought it was really good.

The Good: They act as teenagers
The action was well done
For a Nick show it was pretty adult friendly.

The Bad: Not a fan of Donny's voice. Sounds like Ralph from the old toons.

In this show they made Mikey a complete moron. Loveable, but just an idiot.

Not a big fan of splinters look.

Overall, good series opener.
man this show rocks! i can't get enogh of it, ive been watching the turtles cartoon all day long. yes! this show is that good, I'm going to keep watchi ng it. ive notice in several scenes they show the turtles eyes white, then they cut back to thier pupiles. i think they waying homage to the 2003 series. i think i like donatelllo now he's so badass.

twirling his bo staff to fight those criminals is so awesome.
I think the teenage theme is used verrrry well. They argue, joke, and they have personalities! Leo watching Star Trek stuff, Donnie's crush, Mikey's silliness wasn't too over the top, like in the TMNT movie, and Raph was just a teenage version of his adult self. The characterization was awesome, hands down. The show didn't fall into USM category, thankfully. I think Nickelodeon's re-imagination of the TMNT is pretty cool. Great blend of seriousness, faithfulness, and silliness.

9/10 (Nothing gets a perfect score:yay:)
Maybe I should give this another watch
Then I will judge the first season after its full release
The only bad thing about this show is Don sounds like Raph...

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