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Yeah Colossus was ridiculously overpowered in that mini. :oldrazz:
I'm sure we will considering the last we saw him he and Storm were being taken into government custody.
And where's he going to get his hit of Banshee to keep enabling him to lift his own arms I wonder - god that was a terrible storyline
Back when Michael Turner was alive, he was announced to draw "Ultimate Wolverine" comic. Did Marvel ever release any actual information on this comic? Like any plotpoints or something? Just wondering if Loeb might have plans for that scrapped project and using plot elements from it.
So, from the new preview, it looks like Karen is
Jean! I'm so glad to see her back in a book!






Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
Who—or what—is Ultimate X? As the world comes back from the brink of destruction, those left behind struggle to find some semblance of hope. One young woman in particular--the alluring and mysterious Karen--tries to build her life back together, but seems to be hiding something...or rather running away from it. Why so serious, Karen? Maybe her dirty little secret isn’t so little, and might be the key to the mystery of the ULTIMATE X! Brought to you by Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and legendary illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99
Funny how Magneto doesn't have a face, Wolverine is charred, yet Charles looks like he's in the most pain.
...and she grew 2 feet of hair in what, a couple o months???
Dude, that's jean grey? she looks like a !@#$% 12 year old!!
.....I'm not seeing it. I've never seen a twelve year old with a body like that.

Edit: Wow that sounded creepier than I intended. :O

...and she grew 2 feet of hair in what, a couple o months???
I don't think the first issue ever said how much time passed between it and Ultimatum.
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I wish the solicits wouldn't try to hype up "the mystery of Karen" so much. This works just fine without it. Granted, I don't like being reminded of all the grotesque Ultimatum deaths we were subjected to, but at least this is in service of a story and not just randomness.

The "three years" comment sticks out. Did this narrator really meet Jean three years ago, or did she much around with his mind to make a false persona for herself?
Written by JEPH LOEB
Art & Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
The mystery of Ultimate X continues! With the world recovering from disaster, a select and special few try to figure out their place in it. What connects a mysterious winged guardian in Chicago with a hardworking cop? What is the true nature of this shadowy figure? And what does it all have to do with the ULTIMATE X?! Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and iconic illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS bring you the next thrilling chapter in this critically-acclaimed series!
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