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One last time...


Giant-Size Man-Thing
Sep 20, 2004
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Question - Did you intend for that awesome base to fit in the shelf just right or was it a fluke?

Damn I love that base.
the sidewalk pieces came from The Long Haloween line and the Lampost was from Dark Knight Returns line....the rest he made himself.
me too. I think we will be getting something next year. is just a hunch, but, yeah... we need better bases from what we got with TB. we neeeeeed bases like that, bases we can really use to display our awesome figs!
It was easy as pie, I could have done the entire thin in a few hours.
I'm sure anyone of you could do the same.

Love the Batsignal. You should move Gordon next to it, ( if you dont mind my butting in, lol :o )...

Where did you get that Batsignal, anyways?

Love the garbage can as well. Did you make that? Reason i ask is because im toying with making a Spider-Man "back alley" display. Any suggestions are helpful. I actually have a Spider-Man Back Alley playset for starters...
For Starters I suggest finding a doll house store (they exist) and there you can buy sheets of wall that look lik brick, you may need to paint them. they also have all kinds of accesories there that fit with MLs (look for the 1:12 scale stuff)....but it can be pricey sometimes, but for the brick wall, doors and windows it's the best way to go.

also you should check out.....www.marvellegends.net which I'm sure youve seen, but he made a great mansion front and a great back alley, somewhere he posted how he made it in there.
Nah, i havent been there. Thanks for the link.

There was also a Spawn back alley set as well. I may try to track that down in the near future...
Man, that site is awesome! And yeah, his display is great! Looks like Avengers mansion, lol. :woot: :up:

Is that Jigsaw figure in the white suit a custom? I thought he was released dressed as the Punisher...?
The varient was Jigsaw in a white suit (Xavier body)....I made my Jigsaw custom though....I took off the jacket so and painted his sleeves black, so it looks like he's just wearing the white vest.....I think that's more of a look that Jigsaw would have.

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