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Period piece or present day?


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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi everyone, what do you think about where they should set the story?

full 60s once upon a time in hollywood style or present day? Or future?
The present.
Setting them in the 60s does not benefit the characters in any way and plays into the (wrong) take that they are dated and only work in that time period.
It also messes up one of the fundamental aspects of the team, which is that they are always aboyt looking to the future, doing new things, making new discoveries, new inventions. It goes against what the team is about and the main reason I see is so that they are the "first" family in the MCU. Well that time has long since past and as setting them in the 60s won't change that Tony was first in this universe, plus it muddles up the continuity of the MCU that hadn't seen proper superheroes until after Tony became Iron Man. Also, them not being the first changes absolutely nothing about the team.

It's basically more trouble than it's worth does a disservice to the characters.
I've always been of the opinion that a 60s reboot is the right way to go for a franchise staring at its third strike. Setting it in the era of WandaVision's 2nd episode would set the franchise apart from both its predecessors and MCU proper in terms of aesthetics. Retro Kirby designs would fit much better in that era, and the pill box hats and muscle cars would tell the audience this is not (Or maybe it is?) your Grandad's Fantastic Four.

Setting the FF into the middle of the Cold War and the Space Race gives the team the opportunity to be the lead heroes of an era instead of just another hero team set in the present day. And it establishes them as Marvel's actual First Family instead of the guys who followed in Tony Stark's footsteps.

The 60s is an era of the MCU almost completely unexplored. We could visit the Black Panther Azzuri and catch up with old friends like Hank Pym and Margaret Carter. And because so many of the FF's foes are timeless - Galactic and his heralds, Annihilus and Doom (through technology and mysticism) -they can give the FF fits during this decade while still causing problems in the modern era.

And starting out in the sixties doesn't preclude the possibility of team ups. Time travel is a thing, so the First Family can visit 2025 (In Avengers: Kang's Krosstime Katastrophe) and still get back in time to catch the latest episode of Dick Van Dyke.

I'd be happy with any MCU reboot, but I think the Swinging Sixties is the way to go.
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Having them start out in the 60's before transitioning them to the present has always just felt superfluous to me. Plus after both Captain America and Captain Marvel, I feel Marvel should avoid having more heroes come from the past.

There's also the consideration that in-universe there is a void the Avengers have left behind post-Endgame. That's creates a perfect opportunity for the FF to arrive and fill that void.
I don’t think the 60s in the mcu has been tackled yet and I think it would be so much fun to have style like this for Ben

or this for Sue
Plus you can keep the Soviet aspects of character like Doctor Doom and really have fun with it. Also it was like the golden age of fun sci fi and harryhausen type monsters which really works if they do moleman. I actually love the idea of the ‘60s FF so much I made a playlist for inspo for it. Feel free to add 60s style music to it

They could have a 60s aesthetic. Crazy Rich Asians has a bit of that despite being set in modern day. Make Reed and Sue wealthy socialites and have them dress in stylish clothes inspired by Mad Men. Have Johnny drive a 60s vintage sports car. Their tech could have a retro feel to it too.

Maybe there could be a mystery as to why they have such a love for the 60s and then it could be revealed that they are actually from the 60s. But they're not stranded in the present and not explorers out of time. No, they've chosen to come to the present precisely because they are explorers and also because Reed felt that 60s technology wasn't advanced enough for him.
My goodness I didn’t expect a draw already but this is good! Looking forward to further discussion
Yeah I agree, there’s so many fun things you can do with it. You can go full James Dean with Johnny and Gloria Steinem with Sue as well as giving Reed a bit more of an action scientist explorer type role
The James Dean look/vibe is a GENIUS idea for Johnny!!!!

Dacre Montgomery’s “James Dean” look

For Reed I am thinking this type of look

as for Sue I am thinking more Brigitte Bardot

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I think potential MCU Johnny Storm Dacre Montgomery nails the 60s aesthetic


Original 60's setting for sure. Then if people 'demand' modern day, time travel is clearly in the MCU mix now so you can transport them if required.

yeah they will be fish out of the water which is totally family territory for many MCU characters. But their powers and most especially their FAMILY dynamic will set them apart from everyone else including the Avengers and X-teams
The James Dean look/vibe is a GENIUS idea for Johnny!!!!

Dacre Montgomery’s “James Dean” look

For Reed I am thinking this type of look

as for Sue I am thinking more Brigitte Bardot


I'd rather Sue had this kind of 60s hairstyle and look than Brigitte Bardot's:




In fact Elizabeth Montgomery would've made a fantastic Sue back in the day.
Plus I think the 1960s setting would really work well with Kirby’s atompunk aesthetic. Imagine contrasting this with Latveria’s dark, dingy look

In terms of Looks

Reed Richards

Robert Stack


Russell Johnson

Peter Graves

Ben Grimm

Ernest Borgnine. See the film Marty (1955) . That is Ben Grimm.


Sue Storm

Grace Kelly


Janet Leigh


Elizabeth Montgomery


Inger Stevens


Pamela Austin

Beverly Owen

Johnny Storm:

James Dean


Tab Hunter


Alicia Masters :

Patty Duke

Agatha Harkness

Jessica Tandy

Agnes Moorehead
60s FF casting:

Reed Richards: Stephen Boyd



Sue Storm: Elizabeth Montgomery



Dr Doom: Christopher Plummer


Grace Kelly is the epitome of what I think Sue is like. I’m not sure who can capture her sort of elegance in our modern day. Elizabeth Banks has the look but not the class. I am thinking Anne Hathaway but she would need to dye her hair blonde.

edit: blonde Hathaway

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