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Phoenix Eye Effect in X1?


Mar 16, 2001
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So people have been always saying that Jeans weird reaction to the Mutant Machine exploding is the sign of her turning into Phoenix...however I just watched it last night and I swear that you can see her eyes light up....

Am I imagining things?
I just watched that part, it looks like there could be something, but it might just be a reflection on her eye.
I'm fairly sure it was her reaction that was a foreshadow of the Pheonix, not any special effect.
I heard that there were supposed to be alot of things that happen at Liberty Island for X2 and beyond. The only thing I noticed though was Jean being affected by Magneto's machine. I never noticed the Phoenix effect, I'm going to have to watch that scene again.
the only thing i can think of is Rogue. Maybe theres a good reason for her white streak forming at that particular scene...

Other than that i can't see anything else that they could expand on in future films from that scene...
jean was definately affected by the machine, u could tell soo that was something they expanded on.
yeah, i have to watch again to try to see her eyes light up, but i doubt it
i saw it right now and i see kind of a flicker of light in her eyes,it's really weird :eek:
We all have the Phoenix effect in our eyes, then. It's called a reflection by it's more common name. :)
I think the fact she used Cerebro had also affected the whole Phoneix procedure...
i didnt noticed her eyes light up, at what part did this happened? all i know is that when the machine was distroyed, and the white beam things was fading out, and when the camera cut to her she was breathing heavily and looking down and i thought she was reacting there. but i didnt noticed her eyes light
I've just been having this argument on another board!
I have watched it and re-watched it and i still can't see it. I never saw her eyes light up, nor her giving a "funny reaction" as someone else put it. My theory for what people have seen is the red tinge given to the whole scene by Cyclops' beam. Storm's eyes at that point are also the same colour. i believe that if it was significant it would be a whole lot more obvious, and it wouldn't take multiple viewings to notice it.
I have also always thought that Jean's enhaced telepathy in X2 was caused by her using Cerebro. Cyclops did say it was dangerous, afterall.

As for Rogue's white streak, I figured that was a reaction to her trauma. Nice idea though, to have her hair explained in that way.
But it was Singer who pointed out (after X-men came out) to look at Jean's reaction at the Statue of Liberty. Couple that with Scott's comment "...but at Liberty Island you were..." in X2 and we have the answer to the source of Jean's rapid evolution.
Aaaah... I'll have to watch it *again*. Maybe I get destracted by Magneto...
Rogue's white streaks could have easily been a result of what commonly happens to humans..

Of course everyone knows that hair has a tendency to turn white at high traumatic experiences..

yeah.... jean had a funny reaction to the radiation after wolverine destroyed the machine
*after* he destroyed the machine? I thought it was supposed to be when it was running? How could it happen *afterwards*? I'm not dissing your theory, I just want to hear the explaination. I watched carefully before, during and after it was running, and saw nothing.
There had to be a reason why she didn't want Cyclops to fire, and fearing that he might miss is moot point considering from the second Wolverine dropped down on the torch, the only thing to move was the rings and Logan's arms. It's not as though Cyclops hadn't had a clear shot from the beginning, since Magneto never moved. She was enjoying whatever that machine was doing to her, and when it was over, she realized she had changed. And, in that moment, you can see the thesis of this entire thread. As soon as the white wave fades out and the camera cuts to Jean, watch her reaction then and you can see what everyone is talking about.

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