Phoenix Eye Effect in X1?

Yeah, i mean, it makes sense that maybe Cerebro was what caused the breakdown in first place. It makes more sense that than the whole "Hmmm, yummy radiation"

The blocks were there to stop her accessing the full potential of her powers, they got "cracked" when she used cerebro, in x2, she was starting to experience moments when the powers would be accessible, but maybe with the powers came a glimpse of what was to come "phoenix" re-awakening. "I got this feeling somthing bads about to happen" she says this at the museum. (maybe she was dreaming about phoenix?)

So, X2, powers coming back, but the personality hasnt changed, YET.

Another explanation of this could be that phoenix wasnt ready to assert control of her, and it only let Jean use its powers in X2 when she needed to. To protect her, and itself.

Jet - She detonates 1 rocket, possibly saving her life and everyone elses. (she didnt get the other one though)
Dam- Cyclops optic blast, She couldnt hold his blast forever, so Phoenix lent its power to her so it could protect her.

The water is coming, and Jean has control of her actions, she tries to stop the water, so Phoenix, whos personality wouldnt wana do this, gets dragged out of the jet too, it gives her the power she needs to lift the jet, hold back the water, and to protect herself from harm. (telekinetic shield)

I know phoenix isnt a cosmic entity as it was in the comics, or cartoon, but its conceivable, that in the moie X2, that the manifestations of phoenix power, were merely so it could protect its host/JEAN, so it could survive.

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