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    Barry Allen’s life is finally coming together. He has a great job at the Central City Police Department, his school and social life is the best it's ever been, and The Flash is more popular than ever. But nothing good ever lasts long for Barry Allen, and he is about to find out why…

    Main Villain- Eobard Thawne. A scientist who has become “dislodged” from time due to a time travel experiment gone wrong. He blames Barry for what has happened to him, and has made it his life’s purpose to ruin Barry’s life. Thawne killed Barry’s mother and framed his father, he has killed Barry’s friends before they met. He is responsible for almost every painful experience in Barry’s life.

    Near the final act- Eobard reveals that Future Barry tried to stop him from time traveling due to the consequences of changing the past. Barry doesn’t understand because he doesn't know he can time travel yet. Eobard reveals that Barry has barely tapped his true potential, and then he reveals how interconnected their lives are with each other. Barry and Thawne fight through time, with Thawne clearly having an advantage due to his experience. Their fight ends with Barry leaving Thawne inside the Speed Force, lost in time and space forever.
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    I'd do a Superman 1978 style origin reboot, i.e., different from the Snyder-verse, and without Ezra Miller. No Cyborg, No Wonder Woman, No Aquaman.

    This would be a pure Flash film which is hung up on universe building and cross overs

    I wouldn't do Flashpoint for the first film. I'd set up the status quo of this timeline first then do Flashpoint as the third film so that the change is more dramatic and meaningful.

    It would begin with Barry as a child witnessing the attack on Nora by a blur. Nora is killed and while suspects are interviewed including a burglar and local hood Leonard Snart, the evidence and investigation soon begins to turn to Henry as he seems the most viable and likely suspect.

    Evidence, seemingly out of the blue begins to turn up giving Henry the motive to harm Nora Allen. All the while ,the child's eyewitness story is dismissed .

    Henry is convicted of the murder and sentenced to death .

    Henry remains on death row exhausting his appeals as Barry grows up insisting his Dad didn't do it.

    As friends and family fade away over the years, Barry continues as Henry's sole advocate through high school, College, the police academy, then through working in the forensics lab for the Central City PD.

    Barry is basically in a race against time to prove his father's innocence when the rest of the world has basically given up on him. All the while, he believes that Snart is the real killer , yet can't explain away the other evidence pointing to his father.

    Reporter Iris West is one of the few who becomes fascinated with the Henry Allen case and several of its bizarre and unanswered questions and begins to believe that Henry may in fact be innocent.

    At the same time, Barry's work to save his father is constantly side track by the growing criminal element in central side whom are equipped with weaponry and technology that the Police can't handle.

    In Particular, a group of criminals led by Leonard Snart who is now Captain Cold. Barry , the Police, and eventually Tina McGee at Star Labs eventually determine there are no that the technology that Snart and his crew have is beyond anything that exists on earth.

    Barry would ultimately become the Flash , become Central city's beacon of hope, and defeat the Rogues . Barry now thinks he has the man who killed his mother and somehow framed his father.

    After being caught, Snart admits that his gang have a guardian angel of sorts who's been supplying them with the advanced tech they need in exchange for favors.

    Barry is skeptical , but then Snart throws him and the police a curve ball. Snart reveals that he has some information concerning the Nora Allen case and that he knows Henry Allen didn't do it , and that he knows the guy who did.

    That guy is the same guy who's been their "Guardian Angel". Snart claims he's willing to talk but won't until gets a deal and protection first.

    Barry is shocked but the police dismiss it as a stalling tactic . Snart and the others are taken back to their cells.

    The next morning Snart and the rogues are found to have been killed in their cells. Barry and Iris know there's something shady going on.

    They view the security footage of the jail and see nothing strange... that is until they slow down the footage and go frame by frame and see a blur. The same blur Barry saw the night he witnessed Nora Allen's death.

    End of Film one.
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    Frodo: Didn't you kill off Captain Cold too early there?

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