Pixar's SOUL

No one got turned into an animal in Soul. In Brave, the Scottish, caucasian queen gets turned into a bear.

In Soul the protagonist spends a significant portion of the movie as a cat (and as a ghostly blob). He's only in his human body for 18 minutes out of the film's 90 minute runtime.

The queen isn't the protagonist of Brave, the protagonist stays in her human body the whole movie.

Spies in Disguise wasn't even a Disney movie.

Technically it is. It's the only Blue Sky film that was released by Disney after they purchased the studio. They own the movie and the IP. Hence why it's on Disney Plus. If a black kid goes onto Disney Plus and wants to see an animated film about a black character, they are presented with a film where the protagonist spends the majority of the runtime as a frog, a film where the protagonist spends the majority of the runtime as a pigeon, and a film where the protagonist spends the majority of the runtime as a cat or a ghostly blob.

It also doesn't help that we have so few animated movies with black protagonists in general. Asha from the most recent film is like, only the fifth animated black protagonist we've had. And since Asha exists in some made up fantasy kingdom, the only time we've had a black protag in a modern setting who keeps their human body the whole movie is in the Spider-verse movies, which ironically are made and owned by Sony despite being a Disney-owned IP.

To me the implication seems to be is that POCs having a weird adventure where they get turned into an animal is malicious or racist.

Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm personally just saying that Disney should be careful to avoid using that trope anymore (or at least use it with white European protagonists the next few times), because it's happened a lot already. That's not a condemnation of any of the movies that already used the trope. Like, I think Soul had a really strong premise that it executed very well, I can't imagine any better way to do it. In fact the only movie I listed above that I would fault Disney for in any way is Princess and the Frog, which was promoted heavily on the basis of having the first black Disney princess, and was based on a story that's famously about a prince that gets turned into a frog, and yet somehow they came up with the idea of turning both the princess and prince into frogs for most of the movie. Seriously, if you're gonna do that, at least follow it up by making Rapunzel or Elsa/Anna black to balance things out...
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