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Poor Poor Poor Microsoft Customer Service


Jul 17, 2004
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Check this out and see how fustrated I am

10/09/2007 - Reported The 3 Red Lights to customer Service
10/11/2007 - Recieved prepaid box and Shipped 360 back to Repair Center
10/15/2007 - Recieved by Repair Center
10/23/2007 - Shipped by Repair Center (being sent a refurbished system)
10/26/2007 - Recieved to ME
10/28/2007 - XBOX 360 can't play DVD's, Region code error
10/29/2007 - Called Microsoft, Prepaid Box on the way
11/02/2007 - Prepaid Box arrived to me
11/08/2007 - Shipped to Repair Center
11/12/2007 - System as been recieved by Repair Center
11/15/2007 - Shipped by Repair Center (being sent the same system with repairs done)
11/20/2007 - System has been recieved by me.... Still has the same region code problem...NO CHANGE WATSOEVER???@$@?$?
11/20/2007 - Called Microsoft, Prepaid Box on the way plus assistance from a ****'in technician calling within 48 hours
11/27/2007 - Got no call from any technician, Prepaid box recieved
The thread title makes it seem as if you're sorry for them. :dry:
this is why i i wnat to stay away from a 360 until the falcon comes out or has it already?
Sounds like a hardware issue. The customer service you've described is actually pretty good. I'm not sure customer service maintains hardware. -- But I understand your frustration, I just don't see where the customer service has failed to do their job in a timely fashion. Prepaid boxes aren't a bad touch either.
I had a 360 which got the RRD 10 months in, switched to a Wii, cant trust the 360.
Thanks Paul, and now a message from our sponsors.
His message is actually a pretty good rap if you emphasize the rhyme between "Wii" and "360". He should do Wii raps for Nintendo like that d-bag for Sony PSPs.
anybody experienced this "Region code" problem/
My 360 works fine but I still think they are unreliable pieces of garbage, and Microsoft does have the worst customer service
Man, I'm afraid of the 360 because of the stupid rings of death. It sounds like it's bound to happen. :(

But Halo is worth it.
If it happens you are not going to have to pay anything for it. And if the time spent away from the console means THAT much to you, then you have bigger problems to worry about other than a game system's reliability.
Man, I'm afraid of the 360 because of the stupid rings of death. It sounds like it's bound to happen. :(

But Halo is worth it.

i wouldnt be to sure about that.
actually halo was kinda disappointing
To the desperate, $450 is as much as paying a blood sacrifice of your first-born son to the Microsoftian Gods in exchange for their eternal blessings.

Now, $450.01 is just downright bloodletting.

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