The Dark Knight Post Pics From The Comics, That You Want To See In The Sequel!!!


Mar 23, 2004
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I wanna see when Gordon, Dent and Batman descide to bring down the Joker in Batman 2


and Dents fight with Joker

The first one amybe but it could come across as a bit corny...imo but if they do it right it could work.

I most def want to see the second one , were Dent and Joker fight in Dent's house and Joker wins.
NOFX said:
Pics please:)

Get the book. It's the first part of Volume 2. It's worth it.

I wanna see the scene in TLH at the end with Batman, Two-Face, and Gordon.
the one from "the killing joke" where the joker (though not quite joker yet) runs through the rain and gradually starts laughing and he has bloodshot eyes . and the one with the circus and the "average man" thing
i wanna see personally like a scene where batman goes and does some detective work more. like file reading and stuff like that
more detective work. though, i don't want to watch batman read.

I'd probably break into laughter.
I just finished a chapter in Forensic Files where Gordon convinces a phoerensic anthropologist to let Batman help examine a decades old skeleton that was found. It showed how Batman knew just about as much as the woman did in her field, but he trusted her expertise to make an estimate on when the body died, and that allowed him to investigate and find out who the person was and who killed them... i love when stuff like that happens with Batman. Although with the movies something like that really takes too long and messes up the pace, they should establish that Bruce is becomming an authority on many different fields of research/criminology. JUst have him reading some books about psychotic behavior and commenting on how it offers some good insights, but it lacking this in that, something that he has experienced first hand.

ALSO i would really like to see Bruce on his computer in the cave with the suit on but not the cowl.
Maybe you can refresh my memory... in the movie, did they say what Bruce was studying at school? ( Before he left ) Maybe it could've been in psychology / criminology or something along those lines... which could explain that he has at least * some * knowledge in those fields.
Princeton. But he's been to several colledges. He doesn't ahve an actual degree from any of them.


This one's technically from the show, but...

u should, i think every bat fan should have them

By the way they have the best Two Face origin it last two episodes it's awsome

And they make some villains actually cool like Killer Croc,Clock king and some others..

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