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PS3 vesrion of The Orange Box will be craper...

Haha! is just a lame excuse for lol! You can't fool me, Mr. Crabtree.
It's ok, you're very, very cool. We believe you.
One day I'm going to win a woman's heart by arguing that Cyclops deserves more screen time. Just you people wait.

One time I used "So are you girls into Aquaman" as a pick-up line :woot:
Well, this Paul character certainly is. Afterall, he has assured us of his coolness without prompting, so surely he actually is cool and not just covering an insecurity. But the rest of us, yeah, we're as uncool as it gets. We might as well start making plans for the big cosplay meeting next month :csad:
Shut up and put on your school girl uniform. We're going to tentacle rape you after the "Giant-Ass Eyes: Is 50% of the face too little?" seminar. This is your life now. PaulGilbert has spoken.
Those damn video game losers on forums, that's where. :mad:

...Oh. :csad:

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