Valve Comments on the PS3 version of Orange Box


Jul 19, 2002
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PSU: What is the primary advantage with the technologies for next-gen? Are there differences between the 360 and PS3 that you found aided you in the game?

Valve: We definitely feel next-gen technology aided truly in our development process. You know---you have complexer AI, you have more characters to work with, an enhanced ability to work with the animations on a higher scale--all that stuff. The only difference between the 360 and PS3--which both as a collective helped us develop The Orange Box is definitely there. For the 360 version of the game, we can probably say we are using around 93-94% of the console's power given our current optimization. With the PS3, we can't exactly say what power cap we reached, since no developer really knows where the boundary is for the PS3. We can tell you that in terms of the whole game together on the PS3, we are not even using the SPU's and it is purely built on the graphics card and Cell. We're still optimizing for PS3 more because we can, which can explain the slight delay to you. But no worries, everything is going smoothly to put down any rumors.

lol :O
I thought Valve wasn't actually doing the PS3 port, they just passed that off onto EA? :huh:
I thought Valve wasn't actually doing the PS3 port, they just passed that off onto EA? :huh:
They did. After refusing to work on the PS3, the development was given to one of EA's internal teams in the UK.

And them saying they're using 94% of the consoles power doesn't mean it's 94% of what the Xbox is capable of. Most games use "most" of the console's power because once they get to a point where they're running smoothly, they don't need to be optimised further. A developer could say "We're using ALL the console's power" because the thing is chugging and yet there can be much better looking games on the system.

It's one of those stupid sayings that developer's say.
I'm hearing that this wasn't even a real interview, just some **** a guy named "HalfLiveDev" said on their forums. Which makes sense, everything considered, especially with what Gabe Newell has to say about the PS3 :huh:

Newell wasn't nearly as happy with developing for the Playstation 3, saying that the console was much harder to develop for than the Xbox 360.

"I don't think they spent nearly enough time talking to developers when they were developing the PS3," he said. "It's less friendly for developers."

And Newell said he believes the issues are hardware, not software ones.

"It's a hardware architectural problem. I don't think they thought through the Cell architecture. The hardware is only as good as the software it enables."

Newell said Sony should have followed the path Intel took in developing multicore chips.

"They ran a huge amount of software in simulation before they finalized it," he said. "Thats why Core 2 architecture is unbelievably fast running existing code."


Doesn't sound like the words of a guy who's able to get his game running on the PS3 with ease.
I should have prefaced that better. I just found it humerous that PSU picked the story up as fact when it's so absurd.
I'm serious, buttface. PSU were the same guys who said Sony bought Take 2. :cmad:


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