Question about DC's next solicitations


Mar 7, 2005
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Will the August solicitations come out this month?
Binker said:
Will the August solicitations come out this month?
Let me see if I got this right, you want to know if the August comics will come out in May?
They will come out in May about the 15th probably.
I'm confused. Is DC's site messed up or something?
Not the actual books, the advertisements for the books that will come out in August. Like in "Previews"
Right....uh...I knew that.:D
Worse? I'd be overjoyed if Azrael came back, provided it was the Azrael of most of his solo series and not the psycho AzBat Azrael. He grew into a good character.
Azbat was so nineties. I ate that up as a kid, and I still actually enjoy them now.

With one exception: When they tried to bring him back in 'Bruce Wayne: Fugitive' that sucked.

Azrael was a good character, he got along well with Cassandra Cain, they should have teamed up more often.
Yeah, they had a lot in common. I loved his interactions with Leslie Thompkins, too. Not that her opinion would hold any weight now. :o
hhhmmm a crazy religious cat burgler who can't make up his/her mind about killing someone or stealing from them....why not?

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