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May 23, 2000
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Ruby the dog, of the famous died yesterday of old age/complications to her health.

As some of you may know, is THE best Spidey site out there (in my opinion), and was named after Eric Gillette's two dogs, Sam & Ruby. Sam died in 2003, and now Ruby is gone as well.

You guys might want to check out his site and offer some condolences.
He goes through a LOT of work maintaining that place, and is also the source for my covers in the CountDown thread. He doesn't get paid for what he does, it's just a labor of love for Spider-Man.

My deepest condolences Eric...

Oh, that sucks. My dog died a year ago, so i can relate. After fifteen years together, it was the same as losing a family member, imo...

Still not over it. I think about her a lot...

Condolences to Eric.
Man, I'm sorry Eric. I've had similar things happen... but with cats.

and I totally agree, is easily the best Spidey site, I go there all the time, I'm using the covers to fill in my comic organzier on my computer right now :up:
That is very sad.

Being a dog owner myself,I know how attached you can get to them.They are like one of the family.

So my condolences to Eric.
That SO sucks... losing a pet can be devastating. But it does help when they have exceeded their normal lifespan.

I was in a serious "what does it all mean..." depression after my orange tabby, Oliver died of cancer at 17. (Cats can live to be 20+). I had bottle raised that cat, he was my constant companion and we had this uncanny connection. Five years later, it still effects me.

Now, I have others animals, and love them all, but I know I'm dangerously attached to my dog Beau... as in, it's going to seriously rip my heart out if anything happens to him. There is nothing better than being in the middle of a good dog... :)
Oh man that is tough. My deepest sympathies to you, Eric. Losing any loved one, animal or human is always devastating. :(

R.I.P Ruby
Sorry to hear about Ruby, RIP mut.
SamRuby is one hell of a tough guy Spider-man site.
As a dog owner,I can certainly sympathize with Eric. In my case, one month after my Ms. Frankie (Lab/greyhound) died, I bought another.Ms Frankie II.
RIP Ruby
Spidey rules
Dangerous said:
SamRuby is one hell of a tough guy Spider-man site.

Yeah, when you consider all the rotten luck that guy has gone through in the last few years, he really is Peter Parker.

Well, here's hoping 2006 is a good one for him!
I'm sorry, Eric. My condolences.
You know not even spideys theme song can rise the spirits. Always wondered why it was called samruby.
I love dogs..I've lost some in the past years and i do know how we can suffer...
Be tough,Eric Gillette:spidey:
I would like to thank everyone very much for their condolences. It has been a very tough week+. A dog's threshhold for pain is incredible when compared to that of a human's, and they will endure alot of it just to please their master's. There was just too much going wrong (renal, blood in urine, hip/ legs, a large cyst, overall weakness, and much more) for a dog of Ruby's age.

I held her in my arms at the end, and told her she was seeing mommy and Sam again. She went "easily", which means she was very weak. Feelings of guilt, and such are "normal" so everyone says, but it aint easy!

Anyway, thanks to everyone once again. I may or may not get another dog soon, but who knows. I'm at least looking soon,

My condolances as well Eric.

Thank you for giving us a site that has been so informative over the years.

I always tell people that if they want to know anything about the Spidey comics, go to , if they want to know anything about Spidey collectibles, go to , and if they want to see just how much we all complain about the movies and everything else Spidey-related, come here to SHH. :)

Thank you as well for your condolences, as well as the kind words about the site. To be brutally honest though, has "stagnated" at best the last couple years. I have been upgrading the "foundation" though the last few months (meaning the actual comics/ covers themselves), and this will all play into (hopefully) bigger and better things.

It has been creatively frustrating the last couple years, but sometimes you have no choice in life to put some less important things in the "back seat" so to speak,

Thanks again,

That site really wants to make me gouge my eyes, and eardrums out.

Though my condolences go out.
I tried to post this in the anonymous contact... area. But I don't think it sent so:

"Hey Eric. I just heard about Ruby. I'm sorry to hear that. My condolences. I hope everything works out okay."

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