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Batman Begins Scarecrow's defeat


Aug 7, 2012
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Scarecrow, while not a comedy type of villiain was tremendously downplayed and it ended up becoming a baffoon, being defeated in such a shameful unintentionally (?) funny way.

Reading this made me realise how screwed Scarecrow's defeat was in Batman Begins.

It was the first time we ever had Scarerow on the big screen. But he ended up tazed by the worst character of the movie (if not, the whole duology it appeared in) with a weird shriek reminiscent of a bad Wilhelm scream.

(This is not a video of me, just the only one I could find on Youtube)


What would you have done to the Scarecrow instead of this ? Or, maybe you thought this was perfect, in wich case, why do you think this is perfect (or at least, good) ?
I thought he was handled well, considering his position as a second tier character in the narrative. However, with the rebooted series, I hope they use him as they did in AA.
His defeat was embarrassing. Not as bad as Bane's though.

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