Season 1, Episode 12 "Rix Road" (Spoiler Thread)


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Jun 16, 2004
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Last week, on the Son of Maarva...

First timers,

good tricks,

and pain.

And now, episode XII of FORESHADOWING...

Awesome finale. The buildup and tension was felt throughout that entire funeral scene. Loved everything about this episode

Overall, this is some, if not THE, best Star Wars material to come out under Disney. Maybe even in general. The acting, the characters, the writing, cinematography, etc. is just amazing :applaud

I truly hope this show is not overlooked when awards season rolls in

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for season 2
Holy ****.

“Tell him … he’s the first spark of the fire.”

…the tension building up through Maarva’s funeral.

THAT FERIX BATTLE was dope, huge Minneapolis or Ferguson vibes - sadly.

“Kill me, or take me in.”
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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible. I know this already.

Alone, unsure, dwarfed by the scale of the enemy.

Remember this: Freedom is a pure idea. It occurs spontaneously and without instruction.

Random acts of insurrection are occurring constantly throughout the galaxy.

There are whole armies, battalions that have no idea that they've already enlisted in the cause. Remember that the frontier of the rebellion is everywhere. And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.

And then remember this: The Imperial need for control is so desperate because it is so unnatural. Tyranny requires constant effort. It breaks, it leaks.

Authority is brittle.

Oppression is the mask of fear.

Remember that. And know this, the day will come when all these skirmishes and battles, these moments of defiance will have flooded the banks of the Empire's authority, and then there will be one too many. One single thing will break the siege.

Remember this. Try. -
Wow, that was the most powerful journey (self discovery and driving motive), character arc (and cast) intro, SW has had in a while.

Further going all the way to impact R1 - even Andor's simple "welcome home" to Jyn, takes on a whole new cathartic level, with this set-up.

Throughout I found myself wondering is this to dark, what would Lucas think? Though this show gets it right both ways, all the gritty somber sacrifice, paired with the hopeful survivors. Absolute gripping finally.

Also that post cred scene, is just the biggest (literal) cherry on top.
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This show delivered and then some and I couldn't be happier with it, especially that ending. What a great finale and now we have to endure an agonizing wait until Season 2 comes out.

I'm sad its over but I do hope Disney/Lucasfilm utilizes this 12-episode format for more of their MCU/Star Wars shows because it really works wonders in terms of character development and worldbuilding.

Also, that post credit scene was perfection.
This show is my favorite live action Star Wars content...easily. And I don't say that lightly. But Andor has the feel of the old EU novels. That's the only place where you could find this type of Star Wars content (aside from Rogue One) until now.

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