Season 1, Episode 10 "One Way Out" (Spoiler Thread)

The colour-coding of the prisoners' uniforms reminds me of clone trooper armor, and the prison looks a lot like the cloning facility on Kamino.

The numbering of the prison levels has a very Dante's Inferno-ish feel.

Kino Loy is like Moses: the leader of the escaped slaves, who cannot himself enter the Promised Land.
That response by Luthen on sacrifice was amazing. One of my favourite parts of the show so far.
I have to admit that I tuned out Luthen’s speech. I thought it lost impact from being too elaborate and going on way too long. Of course, Luthen was trying to win a pity-party against the scared ISB mole, to keep the mole in place, so whatever works for him in that situation goes. I guess the details could be true, but the speech seemed as suspicioulsy convenient as Mon Mothma’s old friend showing up and saying, "Gee, I’m really becoming unhappy with the Empire these days. Oh, you are too? I know a guy who can help with your money trouble. After all, we’re all in this together."

Realizing that Kino Loy silently knew all along that the prison was surrounded by water, now that had dramatic impact for me.
A well designed Panopticon, I'll give them that. Not perfect, but close.
I'm really late to the party. Finally found time to watch most of this series...and had to stop on this episode. This might be my favorite Star Wars production ever.

My ONLY complaint is that so many of the supporting characters dont seem to be surviving...and my big hope is that Lucasfilm will just pick up the story in The Mandalorian's time and develop an entire new storyarc and chaarcters to carry the story forward...with the knowledge that the garbage that happened in the sequel trilogy is happening somewhere else in the galaxy.

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