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Season 1, Episode 5 "The Axe Forgets" (Spoiler Thread)

To me the main issue was the way the first three episodes were split when they were clearly mean to be a single pilot movie type of episode. But we got all three of those episodes at once, so *shrugs*?

It does it feel like they are doing three episode mini-arcs though and next week's episode will be a climactic blowoff.

A part of me wonders if they should've done this season like Sherlock. But oh well, I'm not Bob Iger.

Yeah they should've released this like Netflix did with Arcane. I'm thinking about only watching next week's episode for now, then I'll wait until the season is over for the rest. (Unless something amazing happens in episode 6 :D)

Also I think the show doesn't have a lot of buzz because people simply aren't watching it. I really like the show now, but I came in with very low interest. Some fans are probably still disappointed about how Boba Fett and Obi-Wan turned out, so why would they want to watch a show about a character like Andor? (Who isn't exactly a fan favourite)
I am also one of those few people that is actually loving the slow build of this show. As much as I'm enjoying ROP I feel like there is definitely way more compelling stuff happening in Andor.

I obviously, can't speak for everyone else but for me this show has done a much better job when it comes to the slow burn approach IMO while still maintaining plenty of tension and intrigue.

It also helps that the majority of the acting is fantastic, and we do spend time with some pretty interesting characters on both sides of the equation, but I can understand how the pacing would be a problem for some.

I personally, could watch even more scenes of characters just discussing stuff in this show.
Simply too slow, its badly paced.
Nothing really happens, it doesnt feel like Star Wars at all. I liked the first 3 episodes, but now it gets boring somehow.
I like the show enough but I'm not loving the pacing either. Something tells me that this didn't need to be 12 episodes but I'll revisit that thought once the season is done.
Show is definitely a slow burn I’m hoping it picks up a bit more in the next few episodes. Definitely could use a action set piece in the next episode to keep me interested.
I don't know why I'm still surprised to find I'm not with the general consensus on Star Wars anymore, but here I am.

These five episodes are better than all the other shows and at least 4 (maybe more) of the Disney movies. The writing is spectacular.
I wasn't minding the slow burn, but this crew of characters Cassian has found himself with is just not interesting to me. More Stellan and Bix, please.
I wasn't minding the slow burn, but this crew of characters Cassian has found himself with is just not interesting to me. More Stellan and Bix, please.
Maybe they’ll grow on me but so far I’m not bonding all that much with the new crew. Also fine with the slow burn myself although worried it might harm the show’s potential viewing figures. ie many might not be around to see the best the show has to offer if it comes too far down the line.
Put me in the "loving this" column. Yes, its not a fast paced action show. . . because its. . . not a fast paced action show. Its space noir, where the focus is on compelling and ominous character beats, and action is something to be *dreaded*, because things go wrong and people die.

Which, btw, while I think they did a decent job of giving characterization the band of rebels, I also strongly suspect that at least half of them won't make it to the end of the season. Or even the end of the next episode which I haven't watched yet. *ahem*

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