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She-Hulk Season 1, Episode 3 "The People vs. Emil Blonsky" (Spoiler Thread)


Your Most Aggro Pal (he/him)
Jun 16, 2004
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Last week,

Jen went job hunting,

Blonsky showed growth,

and Bruce took a trip.

And now, episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney v. Doors...


:D :D
Rejected by The Avengers

How is a guy with zero commute time late

They are my better eighths

Diplomatic immunity in New Asgard. We are not in New Asgard. Asgard is not a place, it’s a people - Thor’s inspirational speeches are not admissible in court.
:D :D

Will be interested to see where they go next now that Blonsky’s case is resolved.
"My better eighths." :funny:

This show is probably the best at combining the MCU so far. It "gets the joke" if you will.
Yeah agreed, that was a pretty solid cameo by Wong and they’ve covered Abomination well. Outside of being very fun in its own right, it’s a great vehicle for cross pollinating the MCU - I see no way this doesn’t get renewed for how important it could be on that front alone.
I'm so sad this isn't like 13+ episodes.

There's something kinda funny about seeing Tim Roth talking about the Sorcerer Supreme and stuff given the last time he made a proper experience was 14 years ago before all the magic and stuff showed up.
It's amazing, She-Hulk's CGI is legit terrible 80% of the time she's on screen, but I don't even care. It's too much fun. You know when Feige likes to trot out that line about the MCU having different genres, and how's that's obvious BS? Strange, Love and Thunder, and this actually show some that genre variance.
This episode was an absolute treasure trove of low-key hilarious lines. But for some reason, Tatiana's delivery of "which is very, well...you know" when trying to champion the meditation retreat Blonsky was gonna set up is what killed me the most. I had to rewind. :funny:
Lines that legit made me lol

1. You think she drove a passat
2. How can u be late with no commute
3. The 4th wall saying this is not a cameo show then proceed to mention all of them
4. The elf quoting Thor in court and her impersonating the lawyer and saying he likes to harass woman in workplace

And if u hate on that post credit scene plz seek therapy cause the I will kill for you line I was done lolol

Helps to spark up before work great way to start my work day off now to be miserable in the NYC subway !
This casting is kind of messed up tbh. Especially since Thunderball is supposed to be the actual smart member of the Wrecking Crew.


Marvel finally found a way to talk back to those insecure man babies. The responses in the in-show She Hulk are not that different to some real life responses. It’s like “I know what you think and I don’t care, you can suck it up.” Good job.
Marvel finally found a way to talk back to those insecure man babies. The responses in the in-show She Hulk are not that different to some real life responses. It’s like “I know what you think and I don’t care, you can suck it up.” Good job.

the funniest thing is that their responses are so easily telegraphed that they were able to write it into the show well in advance.
Im sorry to tell you I had no idea who Stallion is.:eek:

I think this was a great episode. I love the Good-Wife vibes on court and the humor in general. :hrt:
Well that was unexpected episode.

The jokes definitely are targeting a certain demographic and boy it's probably going to be controversial as hell on the good ol internet for a while

Wong's reason for breaking out Abomination seems bizarre but I guess it's there to have Wong guest star in the show

So I'm going to assume this version of the Wrenching crew is working for Titania.

I still don't buy Blonsky's reform, just waiting for the other shoe to drop

Lol at the Elf impersonation of some celebrity and judge . Diplomatic Immunity for Asgardians, I guess King Val is responsible for that.

I have no idea of Megan The Stallon is... but she must really want attention to be in a Marvel Studios production meh post-credit scenes of zero consequence
Kevin Feige needs to do whatever he has to do to keep this damn show on forever. It is so effortlessly funny and Maslany is just on fire.

Aside from all the other gems y’all mentioned, I fell over when she broke the fourth wall at the bar and said “Connecting A plot to the B plot”!

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