Secret Invasion is not the only time Marvel used The Skrull to fix things.


Dec 29, 2006
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Dose anyone remember when Johnny Storm marriage to Alicia Masters. Oh that's right she was later revealed to be a Skrull named Lyja. Just thought you guys should know this.:woot:
Someone just reminded me that Wolverine was replaced by a Skrull to.:grin:
This Skrull invasion is going to be hell for Lyja, who I'm under the impression is living a normal life on Earth. Same with Hulkling, Xavin, and Jazinda.
And Super Skrull who's probably been living under the impression than most Skrulls are dead yet lo' and behold...Plothole.
One of the writers mentioned in an interview that the invasion would affect Hulkling in a big way.
Isn't the Super Skrull busy with the Phalanx right now? Although according to the last ish of Young Avengers he was busy shipping himself between the Kree and Skrull eimpire in the guise of Teddy.
Someone broke into my apartment and replaced everything with a Skrull
How did you find out everything was a Skrull?
I tried to play a video game on my PS2 and when I move the Joystick, it started to giggle. EWWWWWW....
Nice. :up: And you're welcome for the set up.
I'm pretty sure the writers will have no problem figuring out a way around the "All the Skrulls are dead" snag. I else do you pull of a secret invasion so easily? It's got to be loads easy with everyone thinking your race is pretty much through.
If they're doing a stealthy invasion by replacing key people, I don't see a problem with the majority of their race being extinct. For all we know, this is some fringe group of Skrulls who were sent out covertly and haven't even been in contact with the now-dead empire in years. It's not like all Skrulls magically know where all other Skrulls are at all times.
How are they using Secret Invasion to fix things? They've been planning this since Avengers: Dissassembled.
If anybody engaging in questionable behavior is revealed to be a Skrull, it could be construed as a kind of quick fix. Black Bolt got taken out really easily in World War Hulk, for example, and the revelation that he's a Skrull in New Avengers: Illuminati "fixed" that for a lot of his fans.
I have a feeling the continuity buffs are going to get pissed off 7 ways from Sunday, once these Skrull reveals really get going.

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