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Superman Returns Set visits reports - When?

millennium movies

Mar 23, 2001
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I was looking trough a few website and ended up on this article at the somewhat dead superman-V site;


In July S-V along with a select group of other internet sites were lucky to be invited to go down under to the Superman Returns set visit at Fox Studios in Sydney. It was an incredible experience and I got to interview Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kal Penn, Guy Dyas, Louise Mingenbach, Dan Harris, Michael Dougherty, Gil Adler, Chris Lee, Bryan Singer, Parker Posey and last but by no means least I got to meet the Superman Returns mascot Dingo the Superdog!!

S-V will be bringing you a full report later in the year before Superman Returns to our screens which will include some detailed descriptions of some of the sets, production art, costumes and much more!!


My question is when are we going to get these? Its already may and we are to get a new trailer apparently within the next few weeks. Are we to expect the set visits pop up around the web a la BB set visits?
Good point.. I almost forgot these.

They better release them within May...
I think there have beed a few..but Hypes hasn't gone up yet.
If there have been its probably like this one, short and not much mentioned until the full set reports. Im shure they have to wait for WB's ok to release them. That was the case last year with BB set visits. Pretty much every site released it the same week.
Well the WB have a power trip.. ;)

but your right the set reports also serve as hype for the movie..they will be out in may.
I definately appreciate the reference.

I was thinking about these set reports the other day. Maybe in May.
millennium movies said:
My question is when are we going to get these? Its already may and we are to get a new trailer apparently within the next few weeks. Are we to expect the set visits pop up around the web a la BB set visits?

I was beginning to wonder the same thing?:confused:

Has anyone asked Mirko?

Monday, April 24, 2006


Planet member Simo just got his new issue of Wizard in the mail today and while the cover stories are for X3 and Marvel's Civil War, the issue does have a 4 page "photo tour" that's basically old images save for 2 and select quotes and discussion with Singer, Routh, Bosworth and the rest of the cast. Go to The Planet to get more details on this issue, and look for the magazine at your local bookstores soon.

The 2 new photos are basically of the Daily Planet with one being an interior wide shot of the offices and the second a full look at the entrance/courtyard to the street, fountain and all. Singer mentions that they toured the Daily News offices in New York city where the interior design was very "art deco" that helped inspire the designs for the DP in the movie.

Again, there are some good quotes from Routh and Bosworth like Routh going into detail about wearing the suit everyday that helped him to learn to "inhabit that superhuman character" to become Superman.

Originally Posted by Brandon Routh
"I don't know how to explain it any more than that. It's just inhabiting that superhuman posture. It's not posture. It's life. That's the most important thing because if people don't believe I'm Superman, it's all gone."

There's also an ad in Wizard for their "Mega Movie Issue" that includes another feature on SR..."Bryan Singer invites you to his house for a three-hour chat!". That issue is on sale in 2 weeks on May 10th.

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