The Force Awakens Should they blow something up in the climax or no?


May 8, 2000
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heh-- A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, the Phantom Menace, they all went there. So, for episode 7, should the producers deftly avoid this internal cliche' of the franchise?

What is a climax without an explosion?
Yes. They should blow up Jar Jar Binks.
Depends. I still want space battles and stuff like that, but no more Death Stars or anything like that. They've had a few space stations in the EU that were just commerce hubs or seedy places akin to Mos Eisley. So if our heroes get into some trouble and cause the station to go down, I could see that. But we don't need a Death Star-scale battle when there are so many other options.

Or we could have a planet explode with Chewie on it.
I think there will be a battle, but it may not be a space based one. It could be almost like the Battle of Hoth but on a larger scale.
Yes, a Weapon that causes Stars to Super Nova...or maybe just a Moltave Cocktail Street Fight...
The more important questions are. Who says

"I Have A Bad Feeling About This" & does the No scream
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The more important questions are. Who says "I Have A Bad Feeling About This" & the does No scream
I vote for Luke saying it first :cwink:. Luke's child will scream "Noooo!" when he dies in front of her/him :oldrazz:
Only if it's a really good explosion. I still have fond memories of the first time I saw the Death Star go, I can't imagine abandoning it completely if they have something good planned.
As long as it goes up with the cry of a thousand Wilhelm screams.

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