Should they change the art style for the series a bit?


Dec 5, 2005
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Should the guys behind the spectacular spider-man change the art style a bit to have a bit more details?
i certainly hope they will coz for now the art style is just waaaaaaay to bland: old people look like young people with white hair, characters eyes look like oranges. I know they are going simple so they can animate better but i mean really its waay too powerpuff girls for my liking.
No, it should stay the way it is because it's aweosme. Besides, detail causes stiffness when they move.
No. They've more or less developed their OWN look and art style, and should stick with it, imo.
yes, the eyes are horrible. Thats really the only thing Id adjust
yes, the eyes are horrible. Thats really the only thing Id adjust

Same here. I mean, I can live with it, but I'd like it if they changed them. I don't see them making any changes though and they shouldn't.
I like the art style, I'd rather they stay with it.
Kind of funny how everybody on the show has huge eyes making sPidey's look normal by comparison. Stick with what they've got.
I think they should stick with the animation they've got for the sake of consistency. It's not horrible and it is a far cry from what is the bog standard anime rip offs. I can live with it.
Maybe change the character designs a bit (with proper proportions) and smaller eyes for season TWO or THREE. But only if the quality in animation doesn't suffer, if it does, keep it as is. :cool:
actually the small addition of pupils to the eyes would be fine

althought those eyes aren't really a problem, it's hard to gauge a full range of emotions from them
Making the eyes smaller and a few more details here and there would be better IMO.
Just leave it. Don't bother changing it now. The only way to get used to it is to stop b****ing for change because it's not happening. I like the look anyway. It's not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.
i think its like kim possible atleast it looks like kim possible
I'm ok with the art

except for the lack of pupils.

Please for the love of human ocular anatomy, give these characters some pupils. It's so distracting.
I hated the style first time I saw I just love it. everything.
they should keep it. and I'm sure they will.
Eyes and noses are what really get to me. I think the beginning episode, the one with Vulture was the one that turned me off the most because Toomes, Ock, and several other characters just looked hideous and badly drawn. This "Natural Selection" episode the characters actually looked better and The Lizard was pretty cool. The only thing I would've changed on him was the big eyes and the tail being too long. Otherwise, he was pretty good.

I'm getting use to the art, but comparing it to the 90's art it just isn't the same. And I don't want to hear a repetition of people telling me that the animation is like this way because the movement will be faster and more fluid, I've heard it before and again too much. I think if they just made some of the designs of characters a little more "realistic" but not adding too much detail, it'll work better. And seriously Pete's got to get that Cindy Crawford mole ripped off or removed or something.
I doubt they're going to change the art style anytime soon, because it's exactly what the producer of the show wanted, regardless of what you want to hear. Now, if they do change it, it'll probably happen in the 3rd season. Why, because if they're going to make the designs more detailed, each episode will also require more money to keep the animation fluid? If it last until the 3rd season and still have great ratings. This show will be making some good bank from its licensing. Believe it or not, even toons are on a budget. And that's even if the producer wants to change the art style, for they are meant for the young bucks, not grown ass adults.
Right now this show has a winning formula. People complaining about the art style actually love the show. The series creators aren't going to change anything, not any time soon.
If you watch the more detail 90's incarnation, that animation was that smooth and dynamic as this show. Lost of the same move movement and "Slow Mo". Spiderman did a flip and it was real time but he was just slow and clunky.
the animation isnt that bad. So far i like the show, of course Spidey TAS was the best and holds special in my heart
Ya know, I'm just way too distracted by other little things on this show, such as great action and storytelling, to give a damn about something as trivial as pupils or moles.

No show is perfect people, especially these days. This show is the best Spidey series in years so just be grateful.
Yea i do enjoy the show alot and agree some changes like pupils in eyes would be nice if they did and did bug me a bit before but i can deal with it and enjoy the show for what it is Spidey!!!!
They definitely need to slightly alter the art. Keep it simple and stylized, but try to make the art more mature and less kiddy. What I think would be great, is that with every season Peter should get a bit older, and as he gets older and moves into college, the art should slightly change as well.

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