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Jan 11, 2006
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Don't know if there is a thread for this but I made this for the Venom fans who would love to see Venom return due to the short screen time he got. Seeing that it is almost impossible for him to return due to the disenegrating pumpkin bomb that turned Eddie Brock to a skeleton....what clever ideas can u guys think of that can somehow bring back Eddie Brock/Venom???

the only thing i can think of is the symbiote to somehow reshape Eddie flesh and bones and symbiote.
Bring in Eddie Brock Sr. and the symbiote that Connor has. The father would have a real vendetta against Spiderman for wanting to kill him. But he should not be a solo villain. No more Gopher Grace and that idiot character he played.
as I have said before, Venom is my favorite Villian, but I think we should see more Villians like Lizard and Kraven, etc.
as I have said before, Venom is my favorite Villian, but I think we should see more Villians like Lizard and Kraven, etc.
I agree. But what idea could you entertain us with to bring Venom back in a future film.
Venom's over and done with...move on to more INTERESTING villains please...
I'm pretty sure there are several hundred other threads on the same topic, but it doesn't matter.

Following the events in Spider-Man 3 and how he was mishandled, I say no, leave him be. There is really no reason for him to return, not in this continuity, anyways. But I really don't care, I don't have the energy for this anymore.
No - the charecter was stale halfway through number 3 - move onto something less boring.
He had his shot. I think I blame Arad more than I do Raimi for how he turned out. They should move on.

The Venom film'll happen, and hopefully that's where Carnage will happen as well. Let's just hope they don't cut out Spidey.

Then you must have been absent for the last six months.
Oh snizzap:woot:

All of these repeat threads, especially in SM3 forum are really stale/old seeing as we discussed all of this sh** less than a year ago:o
Venom should not come back, there'd be no point, cuz if they did then they couldn't do Carnage
Without a poll this thread is useless :down:
But then again, does any thread really have a purpose, especially repeat threads?

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