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Sequels Sinsiter Six


Mar 18, 2006
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Man do i think it would be cool to bring the king pin, and the sinsiter six into the mix, give spiderman some serious problems, it would be incredibley interesting to see how they would write spiderman defeating the numerous foes, maybe a little help from harry or something felica harding as the black cat to his aid, maybe just maybe sony could buy daredevil, and outside of that being the best news ever cause daredevil should be one of the coolest movies and it wasn't, that would be sweet cause daredevil and spiderman could team up...ok i sidetracked a little bit...your thoughts on the sinster six(do you want them? yes, no? cast for them?)
Not gonna happen, bringing in Kingpin now would be a mistake. I think we will see plenty of villains in 3. Would be cool, but won't happen.
but, like there are a bunch of lame villans in the spiderman world that should get there due but don't have much of a back story, like rino, and shocker, who could do some cool stuff, but there is just no story to tell unlike goblin, and doc ock, get the six together...it could be awsome
I was hoping that Spidey 3 would do something like the Sinister Six, with Harry hiring five superpowered baddies to take out Spider-Man. And he would don the Goblin outfit to be the sixth member.

With the Black Symbiote suit that would make for a truly kickass film.
unless the suit sucks in wich case, itd be majorly dissapointing
Sinister six wont be in a movie because.

1. Too expensive.

2. Actors like William Dafoe or Alfred Molina arnt gonna return for small parts.
supervillian teams have never really worked well in the past. and having spiderman/daredevil/black cat team-up sounds corny. i like where the films are goin so far. i dont want them to blow it.

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