"So You Think You Can Mod?"--A Hype Reality Show!

Uuuummmm.............uuuuuummmmmm.....*points to Powderman and Showtime*.....But Mehz started it.......

After placing Hypester B on probation for breaking several Hype rules publicly, Hypester A (a user publicly known for disliking gay people), sends you another PM. It reads:

Hypster A said:

Thanks for taking care of [Hypester B]. He was totally out of line! By the way, I actually did send him the porn on PM. I was hoping that if he saw a man and woman ***king the way God intended, it might de-gay him. Oh well...I guess there's no hope for some of these fairy queens huh?

Thanks for being fair and not interferring with our PM conversations. I respect you for that man.

Contestants, how would you react, if at all, to the above?

KEY NOTE: Private messaging content is inadmissable for judgement and is prohibited from public posting.

If PM content is inadmissable from judgement, there is nothing you can do other than inform him that his harrassment of other Hypsters will not be tolerated, despite Hypster B's behavior an offical complaint has been filed against Hypster A for harrassment and this is his one and only warning.
Well I would tell Hypester A not to swear and give him a warning.
my plan would never fail, so there is no room for any other scenarios.:o:)
Assessment 1


Honorable Mention: Robocop CPU001

Others may have mentioned it, but I missed it....of those up there the only one that I saw that went to other Mods is Spiderfan-930.....that was what made the difference for me......getting another take on things is important.

:wow: :wow:

Haven't been in this thread for a while, but thanks for the props everyone :)
This show is returning for its second episode this week (I was sick all of last week and didn't have the energy to run the game). So stay tuned!
Looking forward to it. :)
I wonder who will get booted off for having posted nude pictures of themselves on the internet.......
I think maybe Lightning got bored with it already. :p
I have a question. If there is a thread that is started with a shaky premise, say "why is dogfighting so wrong". The thread spins completely out of control after 4 pages and turns into a flaming the thread starter thread. Do you close it at 4 pages or let it build to a frenzy at 12 pages?

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