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Sony's 2013 Gamescom Conference


Aug 25, 2006
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Its still 2 months away but we're finally starting to hear info on it.

Sony: 'Gamescom Is Going To Be A PS Vita Show'

Ryan King

Sony says it will focus on its handheld at Gamescom.

Those disappointed by the lack of new Vita titles from Sony at E3 can look forward to Gamescom, as Sony has said it 'is definitely going to be a PS Vita show'.

Rey Gutierrez, Video Director for Sony, was talking to HipHopGamer when he mentioned Sony's plans for Gamescom:

"It's all about momentum. It's about showcasing PS4 in all its glorified beauty and it's not just the console. It's about the titles, it's about the games, it's about the independent titles. It's also about PS3, it's also about PS Vita. We blew it out of the park this E3 with PlayStation 4 but PS Vita has so much more to go, we've got so much more love to show at the showcase and I can safely say Gamescom is definitely going to be a PS Vita show, so you'll see."

Tearaway was our pick of the PS Vita titles at Gamescom and Killzone Mercenary was also looking impressive.
Gamescom takes place on August 21 to August 25.


Sony holding back new PS4 titles for Gamescom

Reveals planned for German trade show in August

Sony looks set to announce a number of new PS4 titles at Gamescom in August.

Speaking to Gamereactor in a video interview at E3 earlier this month, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan said:
"We very consciously at the [PS4 reveal] event in New York on February 20 showed a lot of software, a lot of first party software. What we did at E3 was really show some updates to those games and introduce The Order 1886.

"There's a lot [of games] coming. I'm sure you heard from Shuhei [Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios] that he has, just from his studios, 30 games in development. 20 are going to ship within the first year of the console's life and of those 12 are new IPs, so there's a lot going on, it's just that we need to keep stuff back. We've got Gamescom for us Europeans and we need something to show at Gamescom."
This year's Gamescom runs from August 21-25 in Cologne, Germany.

Microsoft and Nintendo will attend Gamescom 2013 after both skipped last year's show. Other confirmed attendees include Bethesda, Deep Silver, EA, Konami, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

Stronger Vita emphasis and a bunch of new PS4 reveals? Should be great. Sony has a lot of studios but we only know what a handful of them are doing. Cant wait
Yay I love Germans!

Apparently the Xbox one is being demoed at pax australia. I wish it was the other way around so I can get introduced to the ps4.

Actually no, I wish I was going to Gamescom in Germany!
I think people are going to be miiiiighty pleased with what's revealed at this show.
Do you know some inside scoop? Here are some things I think could happen:

I think another Ratchet will be revealed. I think I read that a new trilogy would make its way onto the PS4

Possible surprise? Jak 4 announcement. Even bigger surprise? Naughty Dog is working on it.

Uncharted Golden Abyss gets a Vita sequel

Heavenly Sword. I will forever hope for that series to get revived and my personal wish is that Santa Monica has taken it over.

Agent...remember that? It'll be announced as a PS4 title with a very brief teaser. No gameplay footage or details beyond that.

That Bioshock Vita title finally gets shown.

The PS4/Vita integration will be demonstrated and details for how they compliment each other will be emphasized
Since Sony will be focusing on the vita I think we might get some new titles like bioshock vita a gran turismo vita and maybe a gta title too and a price cut
can't wait to hear about more PS4 games.
If this is a PS Vita show then I really want XCOM and Deus Ex: The Fall confirmed for the thing. They should be on here if they're on iOS.
Hi guys,

I am new here (but first sorry about my poor English grammar). Just wanted to see the next spider man game in 3D (wearing 3D glasses type). Now that the next console game machine will be out this year like Xbox One and PS4, these monsters should be able handle 3D gaming experiences. It will be awesome to see spider-man swinging in NYC in 3D (wearing glasses type).

I remember the first time when I was a kid and went for a 3D movie, in one movie scene there is a long pole pointing at us and as it was our first experience, we swayed our head to avoid the pole (it was so real) and that was our first experience of new technology. It is always nice to see new things and experience new things.

I tried to find Sony forum and try to highlight it to them but google many times and could not find any Sony forum.

Could you guys just drop a note to Sony if you are so happen to see a Sony gaming forum, it will be totally awesome to play spider-man, swinging in NYC in 3D.

Thanks in advance.
I also hope that we get a NBA game on the Vita i think it would help the system sell a few more and I hope we get to see the new Assassin's Creed game
Sony: Tuesday, August 20 – 6pm UK / 7pm Europe / 10am Pacific
Sony has already confirmed that its gamescom event will focus on PS4, and we’re hoping to hear a solid release date for the console during the show.

There’s also the little matter of this rumoured PS4 and PS Vita bundle that may or may not make an appearance. Steph and I recently called round some retailers to ask if it was a real bundle and they had no clue what we were talking about, so it seems unlikely.

It seems likely that games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, Driveclub, The Order: 1886 will be there in some form although we can’t say for certain yet. We’re still waiting for that LittleBigPlanet 3 announcement too.
I fully expect the October 21st launch date to be confirmed. I also hope for a few more ps4 exclusives to be announced.
RANSLATIONGreetings from the land of beer and brautwurst and weird porn! Got here a little whileHe is /the/ insider at neogaf. He probably has a 8-9/10 record. ago and tired so I'm dropping this early. Then bed, then visiting some churches and friends, then work meetings stuff and then I'll see how the gamefloor is later on this week.


No live stream for real reasons. Xbone architecture is still not full complete. The latest version of the SDK from a couple weeks ago dropped performances by 15-20 percent across the board. Now before you get mad at me this happens ALL THE TIME in console development and it will eventually be fixed but there's no chance for an early October release or...


:... certainly not for all 21 countries. Localization is absolute one hundred percent BS.


The excuses are some that nobody with common sense would consider. Look at the countries dropped. Cross references them against the languages being spoken [in them], official or otherwise in said countries. I said it yielded issues 2 months ago and the chicks have come home to roost. [something something Smartglass] Paying the price now.


Late October launch for PS4. Sony SDKs are ready. You could basically master your final version right now. Today, even!


If you thought people were mad about Bayonetta's sequel going to WiiU you will be someone unhappy about what Microsoft is getting exclusively from Platinum. Other Japanese developers are in play but too, but Kamiya is the only one I can confirm. The game is not for North America or Europe, which makes no sense but whatever.


Big Park(?) killed their game. It was a MOBA. It's dead. The whole studio is now focused on TV stuff. All the bes talent went to Big Tusk(?) or left MS entirely. Rare is still Kinect focused.


New indie publishing policy is not set yet and probably won't be until after launch.TRUTHFACT 7:September surprise early. I apologize in advance. Everything I saw over last 24 months said there was no chance of a kinectless SKU [to start]. Concrete decision up till now. However,There are whispers that there will be a kinect optional SKU early next year, probably around March or April. There's enough smoke around this that I didn't want to wait until September to say it! We'll have to wait for launch sales to see for sure.

ASS STORM INCOMING. ahead and post this here since there's no general GamesCon thread.. And I'm too lazy to make one.

I put this here because it's Sony related.. And I didn't feel like making a general GamesCon thread.
This is *the* insider at NeoGaf and has a 9/10 track record. He types a lot lik ths soda otter spyderwebs cant cpy/pasta his leaks to post on their websites.
Some more PS4 exclusives would be great!

also hoping for more fighting/RPG games to be announced.

I really hope Sony has a strong showing and that they can reclaim dominance in the next gen cycle.

After the initial excitement of X1 dropping mandatory Kinect, I've thought about and I'm sticking with Sony and the PS4.

Sony stuck by their principles, whereas MS.........well......they've been all over the place.
No livestream from GDC due to yield issues, 15-20% performance drops in latest SDK--this is a normal setback for console development, and will be fixed, but not in time for an early October launch...

... Certainly not for all 21 countries. Localization is BS; look at official/spoken languages in countries that did/didn't make it. I was right on yield issues, and this is pushing launch titles, Smartglass, etc. back. (One unified process having its costs?)

PS4 SDKs effectively final, launch in late October.

MS has picked up a Platinum exclusive... And has no plans to release in NA/Europe. Talks with other JP devs are also ongoing, but CBoAT can only guarantee this one.

Bigpark has canceled their MOBA project, shifted entirely to TV focus. Dev talent to Big Tusk or gone completely. Rare on Kinect.

New indie policy not finalized, details post-launch

Early September surprise.
CBoAT backing down on previous claims of Kinectless SKU; new potential for console-only SKU in March-April based on launch performance.

Translation that's easier to read.
What makes that gif even funnier, to me, is that how big of a joke Kaz was just a few years ago. Remember RIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR! A lot of people were questioning if it was wise to let him near any kind of presentations after that, now he's like this symbol of Sony's superiority.
Really hoping release date is after October 22nd, or before the 18th. I'll be out of state those days in between so not sure how that would affect my Best Buy preorder
I can't help but think the October 21st date is too optimistic, personally. The pessimist in me still goes with early December. Don't forget that a lot of publishers have put down their November-releasing games as launch titles.

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