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Spider-Man 3 - NYC Filming Dates?


Mar 19, 2006
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A while ago, I read an article on this website, which mentioned that they would be filming Spider-Man 3 in NYC between the months of May and September. Does anyone know when and where in the city they will be filming in the course of those months? I would be interested in seeing them filming.:spidey:
imdb has a listing of cities. May through September seem to be the consensus so far.
Keep checking the board, I'm sure it will be all a buzz as things get happening.
Thanks for the tip, tzarrina. I just checked and now I have an idea of where to look in the city. Now, I just need to find out exactly when they are filming.
Hey, tzarrina, I just read the thread that you posted, and I really hope that NYC is not entirely blown out of the water. I'm saying this not just because I want to see them filming, but I am also looking for people to sign my petition to bring back the Spider-Man balloon for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which can be found at:
If I could get people like director Sam Raimi to sign, then I'm sure that I would be in business. Sounds like a stretch, I know, but hey, Frank Cho signed my petition, so I'm ready to believe anything.
I hope NY is not out,it would be alot closer for me to stalk the set then Ohio.

I signed the petition, I made it 173. Good Luck with it.
Well, April is starting to come to a close, and I was just wondering: When do they wrap up in Cleveland, and will they still do any type of shooting in NYC?
I think they are only filming for a week in Cleveland. Starts today and ends on the 31st. Apparently it's a car chase scene with an armored car. I'm trying not to lose hope on NY. When Sean returns maybe he'll have some info. He wants to get a group togehter to watch filming.

I think he is suppose to contact us through PMs, but it he maybe just do it in a thread. I might send him an e-mail if I'm motivated. Feeling kind of lazy at the moment rough week.

More information (and wrong) then you requested, sorry.
They're only filming for one week in Cleveland? I thought it was going to be longer. I'm trying not to lose hope on NYC either. By the way, who is Sean? If he does have some info, I would like to talk to him myself. Do you know how I can get in touch with him?
It seems you've posted in this thread but here is the start of Seans thread, he'll be back on the 29th.

Also this some folks that are on the set have been posting what they know. It's slow and not much info but it is something,you'll have to read through it to get what you need out of it. I believe it's worth the read.

I'll go ahead and add you to my buddy list for fear this thread will close due to it's really just a 2 way conversation.But I think you maybe set, PM me if you have any more questions. I'm still a N00B,:).

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