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Spidey 3 or X3?

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
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This pertains to the teaser images, nothing more.
Of course Spidey..at least we got to SEE something. The claws were cool, but no imagination there.
Yeah...the Spidey Poster was awesome, with emotion, depth, and just a great image.
The X3 Poster just says "hey...new movie".
Spider-Man forever on.....:spidey:
Both movies look so far like they are going to be good I mean with Spiderman you already have 2 great movies, and with xmen you have 1 decent movie, and 1 good movie.

But now it's a diffrent director, and so I have some hope for this one to be great!

Spiderman 3 should be just as good as part 1 or 2... Raimi rules all! :) :up:
You said their was a DIFFERENT director! :confused:
You said there was a DIFFERENT director! :confused:
X-Men, we still dont know that much about the Spider-Man poster yet.
That's RIGHT.....0_0
Spidey. I don't recall the X3 teaser poster generating all the buzz (and subsequent flaming) that the Spidey poster has.
Try to GOOGLE-UP some SM3 info.!
That's what I did!
S3 was really good
Even thought i love the X-Men (I also love Spidey, just not as much), i think Spidey 3 has a much better promotion and i think Spidey 3 will be by far the better movie.
X3 has new promo posters, th' characters standin' around in various positions. Someone posted them recently as mock valentines cards.
I'm an X-fan and all but I'm gonna have to go with Spidey 3 on this one. The X-men posters just seem so...plain by comparison.
The Spidey image wins because the claws have been seen before, and I'm more of an X-men fan but, you get more out of the Spidey pic.
As disappointing as it was, spidey 3
That's not really a fair comparison

The X3 poster was designed before anything had started so it's just the name of the film with 3 claws - Of course it's going to be worse than a poster for any film in production which has proper shots to use

A better comparison would be with the more recently released posters with
individual images of the X-Men

But Spidey would still have a good chance

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