The Force Awakens Star Wars: Episode 7 Character Details. Casting Already Underway in the UK!

See..this is believable than the casting calls from Schmoes from a week ago. Usually casting calls especially for big movies are intentionally vague and this is no exception.
I guess this kind of confirms the rumor of a young female lead. or 2 I guess. hope at least one is a Jedi.
Cool. I can have some fun with those casting breakdowns. Plus I was and am heavily in favor of a young female lead. Still hoping Elizabeth Olsen ends up in this movie.
If this is legit? Open casting started today. Sweet, British actors for the leads!
Exciting. I kinda think either late this summer or early this fall we will start seeing who was casted. I can't wait till Celebration next month. I have a feeling they will give us quite a bit of information. With Doug and Iain going there I'm hoping we also see some concept pictures.
Where is my Spacecowboy/Pirate on that List:BA
Well they are being very vague for a reason lol. They don't want to spoil too much right now.

I just can't wait to see this start to pick up. We need more news!
Exciting times are ahead.
For the older male I can only think of one man

I do not know who that is but I get a Ganondorf vibe from him.
I do not know who that is but I get a Ganondorf vibe from him.

Charles Dance, and he plays one of the biggest bad asses ever in Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister.
I have no major problems with the EU outside of Force Unleashed (seriously, f**k those games), but EU fanboys made me full on resent it much of the post ROTJ stuff.

Anyway, I'm glad those female lead rumors are true. I think it's a fresj change of pace that can take the Star Wars series in an interesting direction.
This also pretty much confirms there is no Jacen & Jaina Solo. No female/male twins.

And the best thing of all no casting for a main (8 or 9 year old)

Handsome, fit, late 20 something? Ryan Gosling, this is your true calling!
I wonder if any sides will leak?

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