Stduent suspended for real life "Death Note"


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Student removed from school for 'Death Note'

Friday, Feb 29, 2008 - 09:51 PM Updated: 10:35 AM

By Morning News Staff Reports

A Hartsville Middle School student has been removed from school, pending a discipline hearing, after a school administrator confiscated a notebook titled “Death Note” earlier this week.

The notebook is based on a Japanese cartoon (manga) called “Death Note,” which is shown on Cartoon Network™. The show is popular among young people, and fans sometimes create their own “Death Note” books. It’s available on the Cartoon Network™ as part of the channel’s “Adult Swim” programming, according to school district officials. It’s also available on DVDs and in a new Nintendo game.

The notebook contained a list of seven students’ names. The parents of the students listed in the book have all been notified, according to district officials.

Hartsville Middle School principal Chris Rogers notified all parents through a letter sent home with students Friday.

“Regardless of the origin of the book, we take the situation very seriously,” Rogers said in the letter. “The safety of our school family is always our top priority.

“We treat situations like this the same as if a student called in a bomb threat or brought a weapon to school,” he said. “While there may not be any serious intent to do anyone harm, we cannot and will not take that chance with our students. We will take all steps necessary to ensure our students’ well-being.”

Rogers advised parents to talk with their children about what he or she watches on television and the Internet.

Oh, you wacky anime fans. :o
All anime fans are crazy in some way. You can't trust them as far as you can throw them...unless they're fat, then you CAN trust them as far as you can throw them.:o
I was once suspended for something similar to this my senior year in high senior.
tsk tsk :o oh anime, how you ruined the amazing cartoon animation we got in the 90's :down
Oh, it's all just harmless fun. :o

With me, it wasn't anime, it was a screenplay I wrote. Give a copy of it to a classmate (a goth chick I was trying to get with) and she apparently got caught reading it in one of her classes and it was taken to the principal's office.

I was on a trip, I came back and they called me to the office. They kept saying that it look good but they were worried about the subject matter.
LOL! Oh noes! That kid has a magical book that will kill those 7 kids just like in the anime show! :whatever:
LOL! Oh noes! That kid has a magical book that will kill those 7 kids just like in the anime show! :whatever:
I'm pretty sure the point is that the kid wrote the student's names down because he wanted them to die.
Is it a "Death Note" book or a Death Notebook?
Is it a "Death Note" book or a Death Notebook?

It's basically the same thing. The "Death Note" is a notebook of death... You write the names in it, and the way you want the person to die, and they die with in a certain time period...

Or you could just write the name in it, and the person dies from a heart attack in a specific period of time... can't remember how long it is.

...Is this the same one that happened in VA in January?

This has happened recently... aside from that Naruto thing.

Jesus, why ca't anime fans keep the crazy on stationed on the internet and in Conventions...?!
I hate mangas. You're supposed to read from left to right dammit!.

I don't think Dragonball Z never hurt anybody. :D
I keep meaning to start watching this show, looks really good.
Doesn't hold a candle to the manga.

The manga is 10 times better.

Most manga is. I just prefer watching things in action, which is why I wish more shows would stick to original storylines.

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