Superman Returns Story ideas for each movie in the trilogy..


May 7, 2003
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First one...

Superman: Last Son of Krypton(Since it will deal with his origins extensively... I hope)

synopsis: We see the earlier times of Krypton which includes a younger Jor-El than we've seen played by Val Kilmer :D And see what he establishes. I even had the idea that to parallel Clark's life on Earth we could have the mother on Krypton unable to conceive until much later where Jor-El is old enough to be played by Anthony Hopkins. By a miracle she finally has her baby Kal-El. The one last hope. The planet however is about to be destroyed. Jor-El knows it's the end. So after all the years of wanting a baby and finally getting one they make the ultimate sacrifice and send him out of harms way. Of course his new parents Martha and Jonathan have the same ordeal. Until they are "sent" Clark, their miracle :) We then see his life in Smallville.. How he develops his powers.. Touch on an incident that gets him interested in being a journalist, possibly because of his powers he needs an excuse to be in situations to stop threats without people suspecting it.. And off to Metropolis. The first 45 minutes should be spent on this development. Then he meets Lex who at first seems to actually have good intent. However he is the cause of Metallo (played by David Duchovny damn it!). Basically alligns himself with someone mysterious that will turn out to be Braniac that gives him the technology to create this "experiment" (Metallo) in exchange for getting him into some sort of computer network that would allow him to control weapons across the globe. Both nuclear, chemical, and computer related. At the end of the movie after Metallo is destroyed all the lights go out of the city. We see Superman. He turns around with a serious look and super hears "He was nothing more than experiment.. I shall send you a test KAL EL" and cut to just the back of the villain that will be Darkseid.

Second One

Superman: The Man of Steel (since he will now be established AS Superman)

synopsis: We start where the last one took off. Darkseid comes to destroy Superman. He wins the first battle. Darkseid leaves in just enough time to keep from being killed. Clark discovers clues that Lex had something to do with the creation of Metallo and might have something to do with the city being down since Lexcorp apparently is still able to run secretly with power. Braniac in the meantime is programming his "scheme" into the computers. Clark investigates the situation, doesn't know it but Lois was skilled enough to follow him without him being aware. She is put in harms way at Lexcorp. Clark hears her but can't see where she is. It's a setup by Darkseid who has now taken over Lex's operation. A pitch black room of led. Clark can't see anything, he then hears Lois yelling "Clark is that you?" and he doesn't have a choice but to say "Yes Lois I thought I heard you in trouble." and we hear Lex "Oh we are all in trouble" We then hear "Who do you think you're fooling Kal El?" Gases are being released and he has no choice but to break through the walls and reveal his power. On the other side however is Darkseid. Clark then yells "Lois get out of here!" They begin fighting again. During this fight the newest weapon against Superman is revealed. Kryptonite. Darkseid puts his hands on his shoulders. A green substance is released, he loses strength, he's then punched through all sorts of structures for miles. Braniac pronounces him dead at the end to Lex.

Third One

Superman: Reborn (bring in the story of Darkseid into the second movie.... "Kill" him as a cliffhanger and then bring him back kick ass and better than ever :D )

synopsis: Lex has had everything taken over. Lois puts all her feelings together, and realizes she was in love with Clark. Has to cover for his disappearance until they find his body. Lex then puts a team together to find the body of Superman after her suggestion that he could get his empire back for him. His heartbeat can not be detected. Lois throws herself onto him. Lex has his men take him secretly for observation. His body is to be drained. We see a couple of flashes of his life, he even gets one all the way to when he had no memory as a baby of Krypton exploding and BOOOOM he's back :) Braniac knows what is going on, he knows it's more difficult to kill Kal El. The whole time Lex was played. Braniac says he doesn't care about ruling earth and his intent was just to kill Kal El. Lex tells braniac the location. He and Darkseid are the final battle with Superman.

-- Whew wrote that in like 7 minutes off the top of my head so it sucked. Can't wait to go back and read all the plot holes, lol.

I'm sure it won't be to hard to top my ideas, take a whole 10 minutes at least ;) AND write your ideas for each of the movies and how they will relate to eachother.
Guess that sucked. ah well
Nah they didn't suck....completely, but like you said it only took you 7 minutes to write it, consider this was more entertaining than the last two Batflicks!
Superman: Part 1 - The Awakening


We are first taken to the edge of the universe, where an super-intelligent race of beings are at war with a evil force consuming the universe in darkness. Before being completely destroyed, Jor-el, a "kryptonian", beams his very last creation or "son" to earth in hopes that he will continue Krypton's struggle to save the universe.

We are then taken to Smallville, Kansas, where a amazingly gifted yet confused Clark Kent moves through childhood and adolence. Though his powers are great, he has trouble controlling them and finally meets his fate....

12 years later.......
A mysterious "Blue Angel" is appearing over the sky's of Metropolis and the world, causing apparent miracles such as the dissapation of a hurricane and the freezing of a destructive tsunami. Reporter Lios Lane, who claimed to be rescued by this "Blue Angel" while on report in worn-torn Africa, is bent on making contact and exposing him to the world. Meanwhile, the ultra-powerful and genius tycoon Lex Luthor has been tracking this phenomenon, only in hopes to learn how to duplicate its powers and rule the earth.....

More to come on Superman: The Awakening
ok the 3 movies should be on the death and retrun of superman the 1st the death 2nd world with out a superman the 3rd the retrun of superman right from the comics as well like the jl from that time and who cares if so of the peploe dont know who they r iam i right
Originally posted by thesuperboy
ok the 3 movies should be on the death and retrun of superman the 1st the death 2nd world with out a superman the 3rd the retrun of superman right from the comics as well like the jl from that time and who cares if so of the peploe dont know who they r iam i right

If the second movie shows how he starts recovering and such, and we see memories going through taking us to his past. And it ends with his eyes opening and "To be concluded in Superman III" then sure :)
Ha ha ha, I wrote some crazy stuff back then :eek:

LOL no wonder nobody contributed :D

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