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talk like a something day


Sol Invictus
Mar 2, 2002
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you may or may not know about talk like a pirate day, on which surprisingly enough you might talk like a pirate; but i was thinking about making up other days. talk like yoda day or end sentences with biddywiddywiddy like that robot from buck rodgers day. so think up some other talk like a ? days.
Talk like you swallowed your tongue day...

try it...it's hard.

hard like biting your own face hard.
i not sure if i've heard an example to imitate. biting your lip or inside of your cheek is fairly easy if you class that as face. nice phrase tho anyway.
okay just thought of talk like grimlock day. but i'm not sure if you'd say me grimlock or me your own name.
talk like an ass, cause most people have that covered anyhow:up:

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