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Tell me what you are wearing right now.

come back when you've learned some degree of modesty!

Jeans, T-shirt, and half my breakfast :)
I am wearing a blue and white plaid flannel, a yellow t-shirt with Skottie Young's picture of the human torch, blue pajama bottoms with white stripes, blue stars and yellow moons, rainbow knee high socks and brown slippers a size too big
A full Superman costume. SR version, just to upset the applecart.
Boxers, black PJ pants, Georgia Aquarium t.
I am wearing a black hoodie,black shoes,Black Dickies.
Sorry black is my favorite colore.
Why, so you can rape me?
I thought I was the only one who sat around here wondering what you guys were wearing. Maybe a sweater, or some sort of dress shirt. :huh:
Erz is wearing a Darth Vader thong.
I hate underwear lines in my pants. :o
Good. Goooood...
Scrub pants and a blue Spidey tee with the American flag, white slippers.
dark blue jeans, Silver Sufer T-Shirt, Black converse chuck Taylors
Thundercats t-shirt, blue pj pants and black socks.

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