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Apr 16, 2004
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Thought I'd start a thread for all the uses of the \8/ and \S/ as seen in SV. There's TONS of 'em folks. This should be fun! Uhkay, here we go...

Rogue breastplate:

Dichotic shop project:

Cave painting (as seen in Calling):

Crusade electric charge:

Clark's football jersey (as seen in Jinx):

The infinity shield scar, first seen in Exodus:


I don't have an image of it, but the \S/ on the Crows' mascot....

And then there was this one:

How did Pat forget about Naked Clark?

RakuMon said:
How did Pat forget about Naked Clark?
Oh, trust me, I didn't forget. Hee!!! But you can only post six images in one message, and I didn't want to hog all the glory. LOL Like I said, there's TONS of \8/, \S/ and even shields in four seasons of SV. I'll post some more tonight. The Torch mascot was going to be in my next post, if somebody doesn't beat me to it. Feel free. :D
awesome job Pat. I miss the Angels and Devils thread... I'm sure there were some shots from Commencement to add to that...
RakuMon said:
How did Pat forget about Naked Clark?


You know what? It never occurred to me that Clark was in an 'S' position until you posted this picture.

AgentPat said:
Dichotic shop project:


Lol i forgot about this clarks updated smallville \S/ i just noticed look where the \S/ is on clarks body its right on his chest !;)
Nice thread, Pat. I especially like seeing the pic from Dichotic. I haven't gazed upon that in a while.
Great thread! I'm thinking there was quite a bit in "Jinx" as well. Not just the \8/ but the red boots too. I'll have to go look at some caps. Keep 'em coming!
I'm glad folks are enjoying this. I'm having fun too!! :D

Okay, more...

"S" for "Scarecrow," painted on Clark's chest in Pilot:

Letterman's jacket logo, as seen in Pilot, but changed for subsequent episodes:

Jor-El's pendant, as worn by Clark in Relic:

The Torch's caped mascot with shield, as seen in Truth:

The memory tank (shaped like Superman's shield) as seen in Memoria:

Incidental "S" in a shield on a poster in the HS hallway, as seen in Transference:

Up next, the KEY!
Hmmm... Everybody out enjoying the holidaze or somethin'? It's been wicked quiet in here. :(

Uhkay, as promised, the Key...


Row 1: Obscura, Vortex and Insurgence
Row 2: Fever (two scenes)
Row 3: Rosetta (same sequence was later shown again in Calling)
Row 4: Calling, Exodus

The red Kryptonian letters spell out "SM." Not too hard to figure out what they probably wanted folks to think with those initials. ;)

The blue is the Hope symbol, which was created for the show. Notice that it wasn't included in close ups of the key prior to Fever. It's hard to tell in Insurgence because of the thumb, but that's probably on purpose as they might not have had the design completed at that point.

Also of note, a continuity error in Fever. When Martha hides the key in the flour can in the beginning of the ep, the Hope symbol is present on the key, but when the Hazmat team finds it later, the Hope symbol is missing. Oopsz! LOL They must have used one of the older props.

And finally, the yellow letters is what happens when you're out of ideas, and you need *something* to put on your prop. Who knew Kryptonians used a "Barcode?" LMFAO!!!
Holy \S/**t! That's a lot of \S/'\s/!

Woah, there'\s/ more!!!
Okay i think its time for them to stop with the s and sheild thing. Yes we get it. SUPERMAN. So stop showing us symbolics and show the god damn suit already. I want a flash back eppy where superman and batman are playing chess and supes flash backs to an eppy of smallville.
I went back and looked at the caps for Spell.. thinking that at the end, when Clark got his powers back, that there was an \S/ on his chest. Oddly enough, it's not an \S/ at all.. it's kind of an X shape. Still, a cool shot.
Ship heart, as seen in Memoria:

"Air" stone, as seen in Sacred:

Sentinels, as seen in Commencement (also Sacred). Sentinel on left has a shield shaped K-rock:

The black ship in Commencement:

The FOS crystal in Commencement:

there is also the scene with the episode where that kid sees the future and folks deaths...and he see the superman cape flapping flying off into nothingness...
cannot remember the ep's name..
^^-- Hereafter, it was in Season 3...
Captain Britain said:
there is also the scene with the episode where that kid sees the future and folks deaths...and he see the superman cape flapping flying off into nothingness...
Ah yes, Hereafter:


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